UAccess Training & Information

Information for Departmental Staff 

UAccess Student is the University of Arizona system of record for enrollment and course scheduling. 
To request access to enroll students in classes (add/drop), go to the UAccess Home page and see choices under "Request Access". 

Student Engagement Attributes

Students have the option to take courses that provide Engaged Learning Experiences. This guide will inform you how to make a course eligible for Engaged Learning Experiences.

Quick Enrollment

This guide is to assist users with enrollment access who can complete enrollment transactions such as Enroll (add), Drop, Swap (add/drop) and Normal Maintenance (change enrolled units and/or grading basis).

Posting Grade Rosters

Several grade management resource guides are available on the Instructor Center Information page to assist users who process and facilitate the posting of grades as required within 48 hours of the final exam or project. 

How to Use Instructor Center Grade Roster

Recording Engagement Activity  on the Grade Roster

Importing Grades from Outside of Instructor Center 

Grading an Honors Contract Student

How to Change a Grade After Submitting Rosters

Incomplete Grades 

Monitoring Grade Posting

You can use UAccess Analytics to monitor whether final grades have been posted. 


Contact Information Restrictions

How to tell if a student has a contact information restriction. 

Post Enrollment Requirement Checking (PERC)

PERC provides a way to manage conditional enrollments by allowing you to evaluate enrollments once grades are posted. You are then able to select the student(s) that should be dropped, which can be done from within the same component. In addition, an email is generated notifying the student of the action.


Contact Minute Compliance

This guide is to assist those responsible for scheduling classes to monitor and ensure sections are meeting the minimum appropriate contact hours for University, ABOR, and HLC requirements.  

Student Specific Permissions

Student Specific Permissions are managed at the academic department level and can be a replacement for a Change of Schedule form. Setup is done to allow a student to register for a section of a class they would not normally be able to register for on their own. 

How to drop a student from a class

This video tutorial will guide you on how to drop a student from a class using Quick Enroll through the Student Services Center.

How to add a student to a class

This video tutorial will guide you on how to add a student to a class.

How to adjust the units & grading basis for enrolled classes

This video tutorial will guide you how to adjust the units & grading basis for enrolled classes.

How to swap (Add-Drop) courses

This video tutorial will guide you on how to swap (add-drop) courses.

Verifying Authorization for Release of Information (FERPA) on Student Record

Students may grant authorization for the release of academic information to an individual or agency. Users with Administrative access can view this information to determine which individual(s) or agency the student has authorized, the type of information, the length of the authorization, and the security word or code. 

Potential GRO Report

This guide is to assist users with accessing the Potential GRO Report to identify students who are enrolled in a class they are eligible to file a GRO for. 

Information for Advisors

(Students may not submit these forms)
To submit corrections to a student's academic career or program, or to submit additions or discontinuations of second degrees, visit the Program and Plan Change Requests page
Submit a Request for Exception to UA Course Repeat Policy
To submit a Campus Change form for a student changing to/from Arizona Online, please log in.  **Please note: this form may be submitted by Directors of Advising only.** 
View the PDF tutorial for increasing a student's max term units.