Directory Information

Directory Information / What does UA give out?

The University of Arizona designates the following items as directory information:

  • Student’s name*
  • Local/Residence Hall address*
  • Home and/or Cell telephone numbers*
  • Official university email address*
  • College
  • Class standing/Classification
  • Academic program (degree, major, minor)
  • Dates of attendance
  • Status (full or part-time registration)
  • Degree(s) received
  • Honors and awards received
  • Participation in officially recognized activities
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams

The University of Arizona designates the following items as limited directory information:

  • Student employment information (title, pay rate, dates of employment) - Released by Human Resources to verify employment for students as wells as employees (active and former) to potential employers, landlords, and companies that offer credit instruments (stores, banks, mortgage lenders).
  • Date of birth* - Date of birth is only released to official agencies as required for matching student records.
  • Student photo - Will only be utilized and/or released to University faculty and staff for attendance, testing, academic advising and identification in health and safety situations

Because directory information is considered public, the University may release such information to anyone without student consent provided that the student has not requested a directory restriction.

*The noted (*) items above can be specifically restricted by the student through UAccess. It is the University employee’s responsibility to make sure there are no directory restrictions prior to releasing any student data.


Restricting Release of Information

The University may disclose to third-parties any student information that it has designated as directory information, provided that the student has not restricted such information from disclosure. Students must request a restriction through UAccess, which will remain in effect until the student requests a change. (For more information, see the tutorial.) Students who wish to restrict their names should realize that their names will not appear in the commencement bulletin and other university publications. Also, third parties will be denied any of the student's directory information and will be informed that we have no information available about the student's attendance at UA. Students who wish to have specific directory information released may do so by providing a written authorization to the Registrar's Office.