Office of the Registrar Projects

The Office of the Registrar is constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve how we deliver and process information with our student, staff and faculty constituents. Below you will find lists of our current and recently completed projects. 




The prioritization of a project is given a status grade based on factors such as impact to students, risk and need for compliance, and benefits to cost and efficiency. 

A project is at grade A meets if it meets three or more requirements for both High Urgency and High Impact. Projects at a grade B are Low Impact and High Urgency. Projects at grade C are Low Urgency but with High Impact. Finally, projects at grade D have low impact and low urgency.


Projects receive a classification of River or Mesa based on the involvement of Office of Registrar staff and employees from outside departments, the need for an RFP process, the time frame of completion, and the coordination of software programs.



Current Sky Projects in Progress

Large scale River projects with significant impact to the campus community. 

New Catalog Software

The University of Arizona does not currently have a traditional academic catalog for the students, staff and faculty. The current catalog contains links to various internal sites to present the information to campus constituents. The Office of the Registrar is developing a new academic catalog that will provide all academic curriculum, courses and descriptions; academic policies; academic calendars, ADVIPS, and all other standard catalog features. The catalog will solve inefficient curriculum management workflows and be in full compliance with federal reporting. Staff and faculty training, resource guides, business processes and workflows will be developed for the project.

  • Priority Grade: A
  • Project Approval Date: 2/25/2021
  • Project Owner: Abbie Sorg


The University can be a difficult place to navigate​. To complete transactional requests, a student often must utilize multiple systems to identify which document to download and the correct person or office to email a completed form​. The Office of the Registrar is providing a solution that streamlines the experience for students and makes it possible to efficiently implement and support existing and changing academic policies and procedures​.

The SURPASS eForms project takes existing 'fill in the blank' formats on free-standing, digitized paper forms and customizes the process with on-line forms that streamline the experience for students and make it possible to efficiently implement and support existing and changing academic policies and procedures. Read more about the Surpass eForm project. 

  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:  11/04/2021
  • Project Owner: Alex Underwood

Current River Projects In Progress 

College | Department Enroller Training

To train the staff who enroll students via UAccess at the college and department level, the Office of the Registrar has conducted one-on-one video trainings and provided a pdf handbook. This new on-demand, self-paced training in EDGE will provide consistent and accessible training for departments and college enrollers that includes best practices and an overview of the underlying policy and student record implications. It will be a more accurate, efficient, and accessible program that will allow us to better serve our campus partners. 

Reimaging Class Scheduling

The University process for scheduling and maintaining the Schedule of Classes relies on manual data entry by Department Schedulers during Open Scheduling and by using a Section Form during Closed Scheduling. The process has limited logic built in, has no communication with UAccess, and data entry is cumbersome for both the department scheduler and RCS staff. The goal of this project is to streamline the process of creating a Schedule of Classes for the Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall enrollment cycles. The completed process will pull information directly from UAccess, have system push information, and include built in logic with ability to control logic within the form. 

  • Priority Grade: A
  • Project Approval Date: 6/3/2021
  • Project Owner: Jaclyn Pryor

Managing the Schedule of Classes Training

The Managing the Schedule of Classes training is being created for faculty and staff who manage the Schedule of Classes for their department. Department schedulers add, cancel and adjust classes in preparation for the publishing of the bi-annual Schedule of Classes by the Office of the Registrar. 
Offered in EDGE Learning, this new training program is offered in EDGE Learning and will be available to staff on-demand in advance of receiving UAccess provisioning and will ensure that all department schedulers receive the same, comprehensive training required to complete their work.  

  • Priority Grade:  B
  • Project Approval Date:  5/01/2021
  • Project Owner: Jaclyn Pryor 

FERPA Training Modernization

While all employees need to be well-versed in FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliance, some employees who have access to and use large sets of student data need additional training on the procedures and responsibilities that come with having elevated access. This new, elevated access training will help us prevent unintentional privacy breaches and ensure the appropriate use of student educational records. Importantly, failure to comply with FERPA requires federal reporting and may result in a loss of federal funding for the University.

This elevated access FERPA training is one part of a larger project to modernize the FERPA training for many different University employee groups: faculty and instructors, researchers, staff, student workers, etc.

  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:  3/18/2021
  • Project Owner: Amanda Gluski

Conferral Cycle Refresh to Batch Awarding of Degrees

The Office of the Registrar currently completes the process of conferring and awarding degrees manually. This has resulted in an approximate 4-8 week wait at the end of each semester for all degrees to be posted. This project will allow for automating the process for undergraduate, single-degree programs, which make up the bulk of degrees awarded.

By automating the process for these degrees, staff can target efforts towards the more complicated cases. Automation reduces manual errors and will allow for quicker and more concise communications to the student to identify what requirements have not been satisfied and options for degree and certificate awards. Most degrees will be awarded within one week after the end of the semester, and all degrees are expected to be awarded within three weeks.

  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:  9/30/2020
  • Project Owner: Amanda Gluski

Removal of Verified Legal Presence (VLP) Process

Passed in the fall of 2022, Arizona Proposition 308 states that a qualifying non-citizen student who was physically present and attended an Arizona public, private, or home high school for a minimum of two years and graduated from this public, private, or home high school or earned a GED is eligible to receive in-state tuition regardless of immigration status or current domicile in Arizona. Additionally, state funded financial aid will not be withheld from students who are without lawful immigration status, providing they meet all other standard aid criteria.

The passing of Prop 308 makes the existing process to Verify Legal Presence unnecessary. The VLP will be decommissioned in processes of the Office of the Registrar/residency classification, Admissions/Next Steps Center, and Financial Aid.

  • Priority Grade:  B
  • Project Approval Date:  2/1/2023
  • Project Owner: Michael Davenport

Completed River Projects

Through this project an inventory of the tasks performed by student workers was completed and tasks were categorized into Customer Service or Data processing tasks. The audit framework allows for the tracking and reporting of student work volume.

Department standards were created across all units to provide consistent outcomes and the criteria students are audited on are standard across all student worker areas. Consistent expectations and trainings have been created for things such as customer service, using trellis, etc. As students excel additional higher-level work will be assigned and the student works will have a clear path to increasing complex duties.


  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:  03/02/2022
  • Project Goal End Date:  01/06/2022
  • Project Owner: Michael Davenport

While all employees need to be well-versed in FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) compliance, instructors, faculty, and support teams who have access to student data need specific training on the procedures and responsibilities unique to their position. This new, elevated access training will help us prevent unintentional privacy breaches and ensure the appropriate use of student educational records. Importantly, failure to comply with FERPA requires federal reporting and may result in a loss of federal funding for the University.

The training will be assigned in EDGE Learning to new instructors at the beginning of each term. It should take 25-30 minutes to complete. 

  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:  2/1/2023
  • Project Owner: Amanda Gluski

Current Mesa Projects In Progress 

Never Attended Review Process

The Office of the Registrar currently manages a process to ensure the accuracy of student records who did not attend and or participate in classes for a term. We will review and evaluate the current process to determine the appropriate way to manage student records with no attendance/participation. We plan to ensure the validity of our student’s records with a standard application for review by the Office of the Registrar.

Priority Grade: D 
Approval Date: 06/14/2022
Project Owner: Michael Davenport

Completed Mesa Projects

The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree is being renamed and restructured as the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, with a new BIS degree type. Students completing this plan in 2222 or prior will be conferred with the BGS degree. Students completing in 2224 or beyond will be conferred with the BIS degree. Students graduating in the same semester will all receive the same degree type and degree name.

Scope of Project will include changes to UAccess academic structure tables to support student records changes such as new degree type, update to plan table. Student records were updated so no students are active with BGS degree by Aug 1, 2022. Communication was was given to campus stakeholders so that they understand change, and communicate with students about change. 

  • Priority Grade:  B
  • Project Approval Date:  5/4/2022
  • Project Goal End Date:  10/18/2022
  • Project Owner: Amanda Gluski

The Trellis Service Desk provides a suite of phone, live chat, and webform capabilities that help University service professionals support students and other constituents. The application is designed to help facilitate in-person and digital service case management with curated reporting and holistic views of constituent journeys – one that integrates with the rest of the Trellis CRM system. The Office of the Registrar uses chat, phone, and email in the Trellis platform. 

This project created a suite of resource guides and training materials for the onboarding of the Office of the Registrar to the Trellis platform. 

  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:   9/20/2021
  • Project Goal End Date:   3/25/2021
  • Project Owner: Michael Davenport

This project created one central phone number for all centrally scheduled classrooms as the contact point for any issues that may arise during instructional hours. A central number will allow instructors to express their concern and confirm that their concern will be triaged to the correct area for prompt resolution. Follow up will take place to be sure the problem was resolved.

  • Priority Grade:  A
  • Project Approval Date:   03/01/2021
  • Project Goal End Date:  02/17/2022
  • Project Owner: Debbie Milora

The annual curriculum update process was built for managing existing plans, but needed adjustments to also function as a repository for new plans and other substantial changes. Related updates to Degree Search and Learning Outcomes were added in 2020 by Curricular Affairs, but additional functionality was needed to work smoothly for departmental submitters and internal reviewers. 

  • Priority Grade:  B
  • Project Approval Date:  4/22/2021
  • Project Goal End Date:  5/23/202
  • Project Owner: Abbie Sorg 

Evolving system management required that storage, retention, tracking and access to General Petition information be migrated to Trellis Service Desk. Categories and subcategories created in Trellis allow for transparency and reporting processes to determine number of petitions, outcomes and policy impacted. 

  • Priority Grade:  D
  • Project Approval Date: 9/30/2021
  • Project End Date: 12/07/2021
  • Project Owner:  Michael Davenport

Many of the current processes and clean-up reports rely on staff to do manual enrollment updated based on known logic. This PeopleSoft modification will all for staff to update different enrollment transactions through a query across terms and students. Functions such as Add, Drop, and Normal Maintenance will be able to be updated in batch, for a better utilization of staff resources and record acuracy.  

  • Priority Grade: B
  • Project Approval Date: 6/3/2021
  • Project End Date: 3/8/2023
  • Project Owner: Michael Davenport

The Office of the Registrar often receives requests from campus partners for student and university data, when usually there are more fitting units that can meet the request. This project will develop a workflow and identify resources for Office the Registrar staff to manage these data requests. Working with University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR), this new workflow will advance our campus partnerships, resulting in a reduction of duplicate work and a more timely access to University data providers and resources.  

  • Priority Grade: D
  • Project Approval Date: 3/29/2022
  • Project Goal End Date: 3/15/2023
  • Project Owner: Cori Cashen