Graduation Services


Undergraduate Students

Graduation Services manages the graduation (degree candidacy) process for undergraduate students.

Graduation Services Advisors are responsible for the audit of each undergraduate student's coursework to ensure all university policies have been followed and all university requirements for the student's degree have been met.

All undergraduate students must complete the graduation process (application for graduation and degree audit worksheet) in order to graduate and receive their degree.

Undergraduate Informational Video

Graduate Students

For degree certification consult with your Graduate College Degree Counselor.

Professional Colleges

Students completing the MD, PharmD, JD and DVM should connect with their colleges for degree completion requirements.

Graduation Service Advisors

  • Avisor contact information and program areas

Degree Candidacy

  • Degree candidacy application details


  • Diploma information including status, frames & replacements

Notarization Services

  • Diploma and Transcript Notiarization Services

Graduation Services FAQs

  • View common questions about graduation services

Commencement Information

  • Learn more about commencement celebrations