Notarization Services


Please Note: 

  • It is your responsibility to know what level of processing and/or document verification is needed. Please contact the agency requesting your documents before submitting requests. 
  • The University of Arizona does not have a copy of your diploma on file. 
  • Notarization services are available only for degrees awarded by The University of Arizona. 
  • Any information requested will be verified against our records for accuracy. 
  • If you are allowing someone to act on your behalf, proof of your permission must be submitted to us prior to their action. 
  • Processing of notarized documents through The UA requires 3-5 business days. 

Notarized Official Transcripts

  1. In person:  Complete the Transcript Request form available at the Registration and Transcripts Office in the Administration Building, Room 210.  You can order and pay for an official, notarized, and sealed official transcript; the notarization service may take up to 5 business days for processing. 


Notarized Diplomas

In most cases, our signed and certified eDiploma will suffice for degree verification purposes.  If necessary though, we can notarize your original diploma or a new replacement diploma. 

  1. Original: Bring your original diploma to the Administration Building, room 210 where you can order and pay for your diploma to be notarized. Order processing time can vary depending on availability of notary officials. 
  2. New replacement diploma (reproduced original) - order your replacement diploma online and request notarization service during the ordering process.  We will produce your diploma and notarize it within three business days, then mail it to you at the address you requested during the ordering process. 


Notarization Services for International Purposes

Transcripts and diplomas that need verification through the Arizona Secretary of State's office require additional processing. The Arizona Secretary of State will attach either an Apostille for a Hague Convention Country or a Certificate of Authenticity for a non-Hague Convention Country. Their fee to attach an Apostille or Certificate is $3.00 per notarized document (subject to change; paid by check or money order). To accomplish this you may do one of the following: 

  1. Pick up your completed notarized document from Kathy Oliboni - see contact information below and email her for an appointment - and take it to the Arizona Secretary of State's Tucson office at 400 W Congress, Suite 252. 
  2. Send Kathy the name of the country the documents will be going to, an 8½ x 11 (or larger) self-addressed, stamped envelope and a check or money order made out to the Arizona Secretary of State for the appropriate amount ($3.00 per document). She will mail your notarized documents, self-addressed, stamped envelope, and check to the Arizona Secretary of State who will forward the documents to you. 
  3. Kathy will mail your notarized documents to you and you may forward your documents. 

For more information on any of the above, please contact: 

Kathy Oliboni 
819 E. 1st St, Tucson AZ, 85721

Office Hours: Call or email for appointment. 


Mailing address: 

Office of the Registrar 
Registration, Residency & Transcripts 
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