Graduation Service Advisors

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Below is a list of the Graduation Services Advisors with the colleges/majors that they serve. Please note that some colleges are divided among several advisors. 

Sherrie Svedberg

Manager, Graduation Services
  • College of Education 
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 
    • Criminal Justice Studies 
    • Human Rights Practice
    • Law (Undergraduate only) 
    • Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law
    • Political Science 
    • Public Management & Policy 

Melanie Brady

Senior Graduation Services Advisor
  • College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences for the following majors:
    • American Indian Studies
    • Anthropology
    • Arabic
    • Care, Health, and Society
    • Communication
    • Creative Writing
    • English
    • Environmental Studies
    • Food Studies
    • Game Design & Development
    • Gender & Women's Studies
    • Geography
    • Geographic Information Systems Technology
    • Global Studies
    • History
    • Information Science & Arts
    • Information Science & eSociety
    • Information Science & Technology
    • Journalism
    • Judaic Studies
    • Latin American Studies
    • Linguistics
    • Mexican American Studies
    • Middle Eastern and North African Studies (MENAS)
    • Philosophy
    • Sociology
    • Urban and Regional Development
  • College of Applied Science & Technology (UUAZS college code)

Alison Dougherty

Graduation Services Advisor
  • College of Engineering 
  • College of Fine Arts 
  • College of Public Health 
  • College of Law (Professional Degrees only) 
  • College of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine Degrees only) 
  • College of Veterinary Medicine 

Jon Jensen

Graduation Services Advisor
  • College of Humanities 
  • College of Pharmacy (Undergraduate only) 
  • College of Medicine (Undergraduate only) 
  • College of Science 

Kara Owen

Graduation Services Advisor
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Eller College of Management
  • College of Nursing