Streamlining University Registrar Processes to Amplify Student Success

The University can be a difficult place to navigate​. To complete transactional requests, a student often must utilize multiple systems, seek professional advice, and/or spend hours combing policies and websites to identify which document to download and the correct person or office to email a completed form​.

The Office of the Registrar currently supports over 80 different forms/processes outside of UAccess Student:

  • Custom SASG webforms
  • Fillable PDFs, emailed
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Qualtrics Forms/Surveys
  • Trellis Change of Schedule

The Office of the Registrar is providing a solution that streamlines the experience for students and makes it possible to efficiently implement and support existing and changing academic policies and procedures​.

surpass artwork2

No longer an electronic ‘fill in the blank’ on free-standing, digitized paper forms, each SURPASS eForm is customized for the process to efficiently implement and support existing and changing academic policies and procedures. ​

The Gideon Taylor (GT)  eForms can securely pull user information directly from PeopleSoft student data platform, drastically cutting down on the need for data entry on either end of the process. The forms also support multiple approval routing options and allow reviewers to approve, deny, even “recycle” forms back to submitters.

The eForms will improve the service experience for all students, streamline form approval processes and reduce staff time advising on how to navigate disparate form-handling procedures.


SURPASS Accomplished

Change of Personal Information

Replaces Change of Personal Information fillable pdf 


Available November 2023

Authorization for Release of Personal Information (FERPA)


Replaces  Authorization for Release of Information fillable .pdf 


Available: August 2023


SURPASS eFORMS in Progress

Check here for the newest ways SURPASS eForms are improving the student experience. Do you have an idea for a form or process that could be improved with a SURPASS eForm? We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Get involved and email us your ideas!

Statement of Residency Classification (SORC) & Exceptions 

Replaces separate SORC & Residency Exceptions fillable pdf forms with a unified eform. 



Student Initiated Leave of Absence or University Withdrawal

Replaces separate Leave of Absence fillable pdf forms with a unified eform. 



Petition for Extension of Coursework for an Incomplete Course 

Replaces pdf form that enables students to apply for a one-time, one-year extension to complete work to satisfy an Incomplete Grade Contract



Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses 

Replaces pdf form that enables eligible undergraduate students to enroll in graduate-level courses for graduate or honors credit



Tuition Assistance

New form to streamline the collection of information from active duty military students who wish to use Tuition Assistance.  



Concurrent Enrollment 

New process to track concurrent enrollment for military connected students.



Diploma Name Update

Replaces process in graduation application process 



Second Start

Replaces separate Second Start Readmission Program fillable pdf form with a unified eForm. 



Still to Come

Several factors are considered in the prioritization of form development, including:

  • Impact to student experience
  • Frequency and scale of use
  • Forms that provide learning required support from GT
  • Perceived complexity
  • Method of current process
  • Similarity to forms/processes used on OTR/Honors/Graduate College
  • Similarity to pre-existing GT eForm templates

Please review the list below and contact us at if you have suggestions for other forms that should be considered.  

Phase 1

 New SURPASS eForm Proposed    Current Form or Process to be Replaced Production to Begin Notes
Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Level Courses (500-level petition) Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Program  Fall 2023  
Campus Change Campus Change Form   Fall 2023  

Phase 2

New SURPASS eForm Proposed   Current Form or Process to be Replaced Production to Begin  Notes 
Administrative Change of Schedule Request Administrative Change of Schedule fillable .pdf    
General Petition (Undergraduate) General Petition fillable .pdf    


A Collaborative Process

UAccess Student Team has partnered with the Office of the Registrar to implement the Gideon Taylor framework. The core team meets multiple times per week in team-style working group sessions – this style has been beneficial to learn and work collaboratively as a group of BAs and Developers in real time.

UAccess Student (SA) and UAccess Employee (HCM) have deployed the GT framework to the University student data record database  (PeopleSoft) applications and have contracted with Gideon Taylor to provide the SA & HCM teams personalized mentoring services for the next year through production. This approach will help our teams receive guidance and ongoing weekly training that will steadily increase the teams’ understanding and expertise in the GT framework. Each team also has separate consulting hours for use on specific projects, allowing our university team to request specific expertise and one-on-one guidance from GT team members.  

Funding and support of the SURPASS eForms project provided through the Office of the Provost and the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Initiatives. 

Phase 3

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Recently Released SURPASS eForms