Request for Exception to UA Course Repeat Policy

Catalog Policy

An undergraduate or graduate student may attempt the same course at the University no more than twice, whether the student completes the course with a passing or failing grade (i.e., C, D, E, S, P, F, I) or whether the student audits, withdraws or is administratively dropped from the course (i.e., O, W, E, WO, XO). Thus, a student who drops a course any time after the first withdrawal deadline (e.g., beginning of the fifth week of the semester) has had one attempt with that course. Repeating a course with the Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) counts as an additional attempt.

Original grades of A or B may not be repeated, except as specifically provided by departments on a course-by-course basis. When a completed course with a passing or failing grade is repeated without use of the GRO, the cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) will reflect the grades earned in the first and second attempts. Credit will be applied only once to the degree program, unless the course is designated repeatable for credit by the department.

UAccess strictly enforces Catalog course repeat policy and it does so at the course level.  If an adjustment is made in the advisement report to allow a repeated course to count (i.e., a repeat of an "A" or "B" grade, or a third attempt of a course) that action will not actually retain the units/GPA for the repeated course on the record.  In addition, UAccess will not allow students to enroll in courses that will result in a fourth (or more) attempt.

In both cases, the courses themselves must be coded to allow enrollment and the units/GPA to count. The Registrar’s Office must make those adjustments, and our Graduation Services advisors will be handling these requests. 

Historical exceptions will be honored.  We will match what existed in DARS if data was converted differently in UAccess.  We will also process exceptions related to transfer credit, as well as courses previously completed at UA.  The offering department should submit a request for "Historical Exception to Course Repeat Policy" on behalf of the student to the Graduation Services advisor for consideration and adjustment of the student's record.  Requests will also be accepted from college advisors.

In accordance with catalog policy and, students may not enroll online in courses that will result in a fourth (or more) attempt.  Students must see the offering department for the course they wish to repeat.  If the offering department approves the student's enrollment, they must submit a request for an "Exception to Course Repeat Policy for Future Registration."  The Graduation Services advisor will code the earlier iteration of the course so that the upcoming course will count.  Once the request is processed, the student will be notified by official UA email that he/she is eligible to enroll in the class.  The student can enroll in the class online, the department can enroll the student, or the Registration and Transcripts Office can enroll the student with a signed Change of Schedule form (if there are seats available, instructor signature is not necessary).

Submit your request for exception to course repeat policy.

  • UAccess WILL allow enrollment in a course for which an original grade of A or B was earned.  However, after the grade is posted at the end of the term, and when the course repeat checking process runs, the course will not count, per policy.  Please continue to submit your "Request for Exception to Course Repeat Policy for Future Registration" now, so that we can code the first iteration of the course in order to allow the upcoming one to count.
  • Exception requests will be processed within 24-48 hours. 
  • The submitter and the student will be notified by email when the request is processed. 
  • Departments may choose to wait until after Priority Registration to submit course repeat exception requests so that they may hold seats for students not repeating courses.
  • UAccess will permit enrollment in courses that are set up to allow multiple enrollment.