Request Campus and Program Change, Exception to Course Repeat

Academic advisors and program coordinators can use the following forms for requests that are processed by the Office of the Registrar, including campus changes, adding a second degree, or making a historical correction, or requesting an exception to the course repeat policy

Note: The Student Program/Plan component in UAccess is used to maintain changes to a student's program, plan, and sub-plan information. This is called the Career/Program/Plan, or CPP for short. The majority of changes to the CPP are processed by the student's academic advisor or program coordinator directly in UAccess. 

Request  Name of Form or Process
Change the student's campus

Campus Change Request

Resource Guide: Changing a Student's Campus in UAccess

Exception (future or historical) to the Course Repeat Policy  Request for Exception to Course Repeat Policy
Correct or update program or plan information  Request for Adjustment to Student Program/Plan Information