RCS News - November 2022


  • Enhanced Compliance Communications
  • Open Scheduling for Summer & Fall 2023 - Halfway There!
  • Collaborative Learning Space Request & Preferred Instructor Application
  • Surplus Classroom Equipment Available

Scheduling Tip: Priority Scheduling

Student Staff Spotlight: Sarah Tucker

Upcoming Scheduling dates & Deadlines

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RCS News - October 2022


  • Open Scheduling Summer & Fall 2023
  • Mutually Exclusive Attribute Updates

Scheduling Tip: Section Form Success

Student Staff Spotlight: Sabrina Tomaine

Upcoming Scheduling Dates & Deadlines

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RCS News - September 2022


  • We’re Hiring! Central Classroom Coordinator
  • Save the Date: Open Scheduling Kick-Off Webinar
  • Adjustments Moving Forward-Course Status Tentative
  • How to Set Up an Honors Section During Closed Scheduling

Scheduling Tip: Requirement Group Guide: Catalog and Section Levels

Classroom Spotlight: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) 258

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RCS News August 2022


  • Academics Records Specialist Opening
  • Resolution Week--Winter 2022 & Spring 2023 
  • Updating the Instructor Table
  • Adjustments Moving Forward: Course Status Tentative

Scheduling Tip:  Understanding Optimization: What to Do if You Didn't Get a Room? 

Classroom Spotlight: AME S314--Newest Centrally Scheduled Classroom

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RCS News - July 2022


  • Assistant Registrar Room & Course Scheduling
  • We're Hiring! 
  • Last Week of Open Scheduling
  • Closed Scheduling Begins
  • Resolution Week Extended
  • Dynamically Dated Classes

Scheduling Tip: Flex In-Person Setup

Staff Spotlight: Vicky Polashenski, Academic Records Specialist

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RCS News - June 2022


  • Open Scheduling Continue
  • RCS Leadership Updates

Scheduling Tip:  Collaborative Learning Spaces--how to request, who can get one, how to get instructor approval

Staff Spotlight: Cori Cashen, Senior Associate Registrar

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RCS News -May 2022


  • Open Scheduling Webinar Kick-Off Thank You
  • Open Scheduling Continues

Scheduling Tip:  Maintaining the Instructor Table

Staff Spotlight: Matthew Sanchez, Student Worker Lead

RCS News - April 2022


Scheduling Tip: Scheduling a Flex In-Person Class

Staff Spotlight: Angelica Medina, Academic Records Coordinator, Room & Course Scheduling

RCS News - March 2022


Scheduling Tip: Section Number Schema

Staff Spotlight: Laura K. Massey-Miller, Academic Records Coordinator, Room & Course Scheduling

RCS News - February 2022


RCS News - January 2022


  • Resolution Week: February 7-11, 2022
  • Department Scheduler Training
  • Changes to Section Form Statuses
  • Fall 2022 Common Finals

Scheduling Tip: Setting up Combined Sections

Staff Spotlight: William Graessle, Academic Records Specialist

RCS News - December 2021


  • Fall 2022 Common Finals
  • Requesting Collaborative Learning Spaces during Open Scheduling
  • 2022 Class Formats
  • Reimagining Class Scheduling

Scheduling Tip: Setting Up an Honors Section

Staff Spotlight: Jaclyn Pryor, Central Classroom Services Coordinator