Typically, a student can only use one benefit during a term. If a student is using DoD Tuition Assistance, in some cases they can also choose to use their GI-Bill for the same courses to cover the amount of tuition not covered by TA.

If you are utilizing Chapter 1606 or 30, you must verify your enrollment at the end of each month to initiate payments. Log in to the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment or call 1-877-823-2378.

If you are utilizing Chapter 33 Post 9/11, STEM Extension, or Fry Scholarship for terms starting after 12/17/2021, you must verify your enrollment at the end of each month to initiate your monthly housing allowance payment. Students with a US mobile number on file will receive an opt-in text to receive a monthly text to verify enrollment. Students who do not have a US mobile number on file with the VA will not be able to use text verification, instead they will be automatically enrolled in email verification. Further information can be found at Enrollment Verification - Education and Training (

No, students do not need to send additional communication if they change majors. We recommend that students make sure to declare a new major prior to enrolling for the next term of enrollment. The MCBC Office will see the update on UAccess and report the change to the VA.

VA Education benefits will not pay for any application fees. Post 9/11, STEM Extension, and Fry Scholarship will ONLY pay in-state tuition and mandatory fees required after admissions.

On step 3 of the veteran benefit certification process, check the box to request a book and materials deferment for use at the Main UA Bookstore.

Book deferments are not available to students with a past due balance on their Bursar account.

Information can be found at Joint Services Transcript, JST Receive College Credit • Military OneSource on how to request your JST. Your JST should be sent to the UA Records and Enrollment Office, information on which can be found at Sending College Level Transcripts to UA | Office of the Registrar (

The Post 9/11, STEM Extension, and Fry Scholarship are last payer, the VA requires schools to report the net cost for in-state tuition and fees assessed by the institution for the program of education after the application of any waiver of, or reduction in, Tuition and Fees; and any scholarship, or other Federal, State, institutional or employer-based aid or assistance (excluding loans and title IV funds) that is provided directly to the institution and specifically designated for the sole purpose of defraying tuition and fees.

Veteran benefit certification requests are processed in the order they are received and typically take 10-15 business days from receipt. Once enrollment has been submitted to the VA, their processing time is typically 2-6 weeks to process claims and issue book/supply payments. For this reason, students are encouraged to meet with their advisors and enroll early during the priority registration process to facilitate early submission of their certification requests.

The VA generally takes 6-8 weeks to process enrollment certifications AFTER they are sent FROM our office.

Fulltime status is determined by what the VA calls the “rate of pursuit” for each session in the term. See FT Unit requirement table and example below:

Undergraduate, Fall or Spring
specific session dates
Session Full Time 3/4 Time 1/2 Time
16 Week  12 units 9 units 6 units
7 Week 1 5 units 4 units 3 units
7 Week 2 6 units 5 units 4 units
5 Week 1 4 units 3 units 2 units
5 Week 2 4 units 3 units 2 units
5 Week 3 4 units 3 units 2 units


Graduate, Fall or Spring

specific session dates

Session Full Time
16 Week 9 units
8 Week 1 4 units
8 Week 2 4 units
7 Week 1 3 units
7 Week 2 4 units
5 Week 1 3 units
5 Week 2 3 units
5 Week 3 3 units


How VA calculates rate of pursuit: 

  • 6 units in a 16WK Session (example: 08/22/2022 - 12/15/2022) divided by 12 fulltime unit requirement = .50
  • 3 units in a 7WK1 Session (example: 08/22/2022 - 10/12/2022) divided by 6 fulltime unit requirement = .50
  • 2 units in a 7WK2 Session (example: 10/13/2022 - 12/15/2022) divided by 6 fulltime unit requirement = .3333 rounded to .30


Example Breakdown of MHA (Monthly Housing Allowance) 

  • 08/22/2022 - 12/15/2022: .50 (16WK) + .50 (7WK1) = 1.00 Student will receive full-time MHA for these days
  • 08/22/2022 - 10/12/2022: Only enrolled in .50 (16WK), not over 50% student will NOT receive MHA for these days
  • 10/13/2022 - 12/15/2022: .50 (16WK) + .30 (7WK2) = .80 Student will receive 80% of MHA for these days

When your VA payment is received and applied to your Bursar account, it will show as "Federal Veterans Payment". If you are eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program, the Yellow Ribbon Tuition Scholarship will be applied once the VA Yellow Ribbon funds are received.

The VA has only approved Yellow Ribbon for students who receive the Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill at the 100% rate.

Two weeks prior to the first day of the semester, a “Pending Military Benefit” service indicator will be placed on accounts for students who have submitted their veteran benefit certification request. This code will prevent late fees being charged on tuition balances while awaiting the VA payment. Please be aware, you will continue to receive invoices and emails from the Bursar’s Office until your VA tuition payment has been applied and your balance has been paid in full.

For Post 9/11, STEM Extension, and Fry Scholarship benefits, full time enrollment status only impacts the housing stipend. To be eligible for any housing benefit, you must have a rate of pursuit of 60% or higher.

If the only change is a course drop before the drop/add deadline , no action is needed by the student. If a class is dropped after this deadline or if the drop puts you under full-time status, contact the MCBC office.

If swaps or additions are made, you must contact the MCBC Office to have your veteran benefit certification request portal opened to resubmit your new schedule.

Book/Supply and Housing VA debt will be paid back to the VA directly once the student receives a Debt Management Center letter with the pay slip. The VA will request UA to return part of the student’s tuition payment and students will now be responsible for paying the school for that portion no longer covered by their VA benefits. The amount no longer covered by VA will appear as a VA over-payment charge on the student’s Bursar account.

Tuition deferments are available for Chapter 30, 35, and 1606 students (the deferment is not available for Chapter 31 Veterans Readiness & Employment, Chapter 33 Post 9/11, STEM Extension or Fry Scholarship students). Qualifying students may request a tuition deferment on step 3 of their veteran benefit certification submission.

Tuition deferments are not available to students with a past due balance on their Bursar account.

The mailing address that appears on your UAccess Student Center is provided to the VA each term. For updates to be provided to the VA, you must ensure that your mailing address in UAccess Student Center is accurate and current.

Dropping a course may create a financial debt with the VA and/or UA. In this scenario, students may be required to return funding to the VA and/or the University.

We highly recommend you always reach out to the MCBC Office PRIOR to withdrawing from any course(s), so you understand the financial impact.

The VA requires the University to verify enrolled courses are meeting a degree requirement (major/minor/general education core, etc.). For graduate students, this is determined using the student’s Plan of Study in GradPath. Graduate students are required to have their Plan of Study in GradPath by their second term so the MCBC Office can verify courses are meeting a degree requirement.

  • Your classes do not meet a degree requirement or they are hybrid or online remedial. Meet with your advisor ahead of time to be certain your classes will qualify. The VA won't pay for courses that are NOT required for your degree plan and won't pay for hybrid or online remedial courses.
  • Your enrollment has changed since the initial certification request was submitted. All enrollment should be final prior to submitting your certification request. Changes to enrollment may cause a considerable delay in certification processing. Notify the Veterans Services office ASAP to update your certification request.

Students must notify the VA of changing schools by going to the VA Website and submitting an update of their benefit application.

Active Duty/Veteran and Transfer of Entitlement Dependent/Spouse must submit 22-1995.

CH35 DEA Dependents/Spouses and Fry Scholarship must submit 22-5495.

The housing stipend is always paid at the end of month, directly to the student.  University staff does not have access to your detailed benefit information.  Questions concerning housing allowance or book stipend payments can be answered by the Muskogee VA Office at 1-888-442-4551.

The Military-Connected Benefits and Certifications Office (MCBC) will start submitting enrollment certifications in the order they are received to the VA Regional Office in Muskogee, Oklahoma 60 days prior to the start of the term. Students are encouraged to finalize enrollment and submit their request as early as possible. Once a request is received it typically takes 10-15 business days to report enrollment to the VA, with an additional 2-4 weeks for the VA to process claims.

Utilize Priority Registration to finalize schedule and submit your veteran benefit certification request as early as possible.

Each term, you will receive a VA Award Letter in the US mail that will provide your remaining entitlement information. This information can also be accessed in your eBenefits account, or you can contact the Muskogee VA Office (888-442-4551). The University does not have access to this information.

Student must contact the Muskogee VA Office (888-442-4551) with any eligibility questions.

The VA requires the University to verify enrolled courses are meeting a degree requirement (major/minor/general education core, etc.). For undergraduate students, this is determined using the student’s advising report. If a course does not appear to meet a degree requirement, and an exception has not been placed in the report, advisor approval is required. An email will be sent to the academic advisor and the student will be Cc’d in the email.

The Post 9/11 and Fry Scholarship pays the monthly housing allowance directly to students at the end of each month. On or around the first of the month, students will receive payment for the previous month’s enrollment. Please be aware that your first and last payments of the term are always prorated. It is the responsibility of the student to make payment to the University for the housing/dorm charges.

Note: Effective terms beginning after 12/17/2021, students must verify enrollment at the end of each month to initiate payment.

If you are utilizing Chapter 33 Post 9/11, STEM Extension, or Fry Scholarship, financial aid (grants, loans, etc.) will pay towards any balance you currently show due. Title IV Federal Financial Aid does not affect the amount of tuition charges reported to the VA. The VA requires schools to report the net tuition & mandatory fee costs after any tuition specific aid (scholarships, waivers, discounts, etc) has been applied.

The VA requires schools to report units only on the first submission with zero tuition & fee costs to ensure students receive book/supply stipends and housing stipends in a timely manner. The MCBC Office will submit a second submission reporting the net tuition & fees charges after the drop date of each session.

When the VA payment is received (2-4 weeks after drop date of each session) and applied to your Bursar account, you will be refunded your expected funds (depending on your eligibility % and scholarships, it may be all of it or a partial amount). Students should verify their banking information is accurate prior to the start of the term.

To ensure your funds arrive as early as possible, meet with your advisor, review your advising report, and utilize priority registration to submit your veteran benefit certification request immediately after finalizing your enrollment.

Level of benefits is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is based on the rate of pursuit for each day of the term. Rate of pursuit is determined by the start and end dates of each course and the number of units for which you are enrolled. University staff do not have access to your detailed benefit information. Questions about housing allowance or book stipend payments can be answered by the Muskogee VA Office at 1-888-442-4551.

Once your enrollment has been submitted to the VA, you will receive an automated email to your UA email account.

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