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Frequently Asked Questions

Review our GRO & Repeats page for information.

Your department may not have given you “post” access for your course(s).  Please contact your department scheduler for assistance.  If you are not sure who your department scheduler is, please connect with the Room & Course Scheduling help team at  

Courses such as directed research, dissertation or a thesis are for ongoing projects. Students are likely to enroll in multiple units across multiple terms. The grading of these types of units must follow the grading basis of the course, usually SPF.  Wherein S = Superior (superior achievement and progress on said project has been made), P = Passing (student has made appropriate progress on their project), and F = Failure (Student did not make progress on the project). In most cases, students will earn a ‘P’ indicating the project is continuing and the student is making satisfactory progress.  It is extremely important that students receive a grade for each semester of work toward their projects. 


The Graduate College also has a Faculty Advisors Toolkit with additional tips and resources. 

Per policy, instructors have 48 hours after the final has been administered. Review our Reporting Final Grades page for information.

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