Reporting Final Grades

All courses offered for credit shall include either a final examination given at the regularly scheduled final examination time or a summative assessment (e.g., portfolios, essays, project reports). Once the examination schedule is printed, no changes are permitted. All forms of examination (quizzes, take-home tests, etc.) are prohibited on any scheduled class or reading day during the calendar week in which regularly scheduled final exams begin.

Official Grade rosters must be posted in UAccess Instructor Center no later than 48 hours after the final examination is held.

Blank Grade - No Grade Submitted: When a class instructor does not enter a grade, the grade will be blank. The grade will remain blank until the class instructor enters a grade or when the MG grade is entered by the Office of the Registrar (see information below). 

MG Missing Grade - No Grade Submitted: The MG grade indicator is entered when an instructor fails to submit grades for all students in a course by the grade reporting deadline. If grades are issued for some but not all students in a class, those students who were not awarded a grade by the instructor will have the 'MG' indicator applied by the Office of the Registrar. Prior to 2002, students were awarded the temporary "Y" grade.

Failing Grades and Reporting the Last Date of Attendance: The Department of Education requires the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to report the last date of attendance for failing grades. See the "Instructor FAQ for Last Date of Attendance" for more information, including instructor grade roster instructions.

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