Undergraduate Dean's Lists, Honors & Awards

Dean’s List and Dean’s List with Distinction 

Undergraduate students showing outstanding academic achievement are recognized by term with the award of Dean’s List or Dean’s List with Distinction. The student’s transcript will have a notation that they have received the award for that term.  

Award Notation  GPA Credit Requirement (Regular Grades) 
Dean’s List - Full Time    3.500-3.999  12 or more
Dean’s List - Half Time                3.500-3.999  6-11
Dean’s List with Distinction - Full Time     4.0 12 or more
Dean’s List with Distinction - Half Time   4.0 6-11

Classes taken for S/P/F, Audit, or Credit for Special Exam are not included in the calculation of the GPA and the units earned will not be considered for full-time academic honors. Only classes — and the units earned from them — that are taken for Regular Grades (A, B, C, D, E) or Special Examination for Grade, are used for the calculation of GPA and the Dean’s List awards.  

Students can see their grades, and units that apply towards the GPA on their UAccess Student Center.  

Note: Effective beginning in the Spring 2024 term, the expansion of the Dean’s List awards to include half-time students and the realignment of the minimum required credits to 12 for full-time awards were approved in the Amendments to Undergraduate Dean’s List, Honors and Awards policy update. These changes apply to coursework completed in the Spring 2024 term and forward; Dean’s List awards will not be retroactively applied to previous terms.  Academic Distinction (based on a full academic year) will be awarded for the final time in Spring 2024 (based on coursework from Summer 2023 through Spring 2024).  

Awards and Distinctions Upon Graduation 

Please visit the Undergraduate Dean’s List, Honors & Awards policy page for a complete listing of Latin honors and other recognitions that are awarded at the time of degree conferral.

Dean's List, Honors & Awards FAQs

Dean’s list is not calculated for students until they are fully graded. If you have an incomplete or missing grade, you will not be eligible for review until the incomplete or missing grade is resolved.

Yes! The Dean’s List – half time (for a 3.500-3.999 GPA), and Dean’s List with Distinction – half time (for 4.0 GPA) will be noted on the transcript for students achieving a qualifying GPA with 6-11 regularly graded credits in the term. The Dean's List half time categories will be awarded beginning in Spring 2024, and will not be retroactively applied to previous terms. 


Yes, as of Spring 2024, Honorable Mention is no longer awarded. With the updated policy, the Honorable Mention notation was discontinued when the credit requirement for the Dean’s Lists was changed from 15 to 12 regularly graded units.

It is possible that there was an incomplete, missing grade, or a regular grade posted after the deadline when grade submissions were due, so when your record was processed, that grade was not included.  

At the end of the term, the Office of the Registrar runs multiple reports to assign Dean’s List awards; you can check back soon to see if it has been posted. If you still have a question about what you feel is a missing award notation, please contact reghelp@arizona.edu so we can review your academic record and make adjustments as needed.  

Only classes that have regular grades assigned (A, B, C, D, E) for the calculation of your Grade Point Average (GPA) will apply towards academic honors and awards. Classes with grades of S/F/P or classes transferred from another college or university are not factored into the GPA. 

Dean’s Lists notations are awarded at the end of each term based on the GPA earned during that term. Latin Honors are awarded when you complete your degree and are based on your cumulative GPA. More about GPA calculations.  

Dean's List and Dean's List with Distinction notations are applied to transcripts once all grades are submitted at the end of the fall, winter, spring, and summer terms.