Enrollment FAQs

Please see your advisor as your college will need to increase the maximum number of units you may enroll in.

Contact the offering department.

Continue to check the Schedule of Classes, as a seat may open up.

To add a class that is full, you need to have the instructor's approval. In the past this has been done using a Change of Schedule (drop/add) form. Today, instructors can enter a student ID number in their Instructor Center to give you electronic permission to enroll. You complete the enrollment process in your UAccess Student Center prior to the permission expiration date. Student Permissions can replace the Change of Schedule (drop/add) form.

Consult with the offering department and/or instructor about adding the class or being placed on a waiting list. 

Consult with your academic advisor about registering for a comparable class.

You have the option of filling out the Cancel Admission to UA Form located on the UA Admissions website. If you have any further questions, you can call UA Admissions at 520-621-3237.

Do you qualify for Back2UA? If so, you do not need to apply for re-admission. If you are a domestic undergraduate student who has missed no more than two consecutive terms (fall/spring), you may return without applying for readmission. To qualify, you must be in good academic standing, having exited the UA with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

If you believe you qualify, the first step is to contact your academic advisor. He or she will help you assess your previous coursework and develop a plan to jump right back in. After meeting, your advisor can release the advising hold that will allow you to register along with your class during priority and open registration.

Contact your advisor

Some students may still need to apply for readmission. These include:

  • Non-degree seeking students
  • Students who were on probation or were disqualified when they left

Not sure if you meet the Back2UA requirements? Give Admissions a call at 520-621-3237 or visit the Back2UA Admissions page.

This is a restricted entry class, and is usually accompanied with this statement: Contact department (dept abbreviation) for registration. Click on the department abbreviation for contact information.


Doctoral or master’s degree students who are making progress toward their degrees and who are not hired as graduate assistants/associates or on student wages may qualify to enroll in a minimum of 1 unit of enrollment in a 900-level course or other approved graduate capstone requirement. A student whose program requires an additional unit for continuous enrollment to defer/receive educational loans (federal/private), or some institutional support (contact academic unit to verify) may enroll in a maximum of 2 units to maintain Advanced Status (full-time enrollment status). 

The Application for Advanced Status form must be completed by the student each semester and all criteria must be met: 

  1. All coursework is complete with grades posted.
  2. Satisfactory progress is being made towards their degree.
  3. 18 units of dissertation (or equivalent), or the required number of thesis units have been completed.
  4. Plan of study is approved.
  5. Not hired as a graduate assistant/associate or on student wages for the term of request.
  6. Agreement to work full time to complete thesis or dissertation.
  7. They are enrolled for 1-2 units of 900 level coursework or other approved graduate capstone requirement for the term of request.
  8. If a doctoral student, they have passed the comprehensive exam.
  9. If a doctoral student, they have been notified by the Graduate College that they have advanced to candidacy.

When a student is on a waitlist and the D2L course site is published, they will get access to the D2L site. If a student is dropped from the waitlist, they will lose access to the D2L site. Students can check their enrollment status in their UAccess Student Center