Summer Fees, Payments, Refunds

Summer Session Fees are In-State Resident Fees

During the Summer Session all students pay resident fees. This can result in major savings for visiting and out-of-state students who normally pay higher out-of-state tuition. Basic charges for Summer Session are broken down on the Bursar's website. Take note that some courses require Special Course Fees or Course Related Expenses to cover additional materials.

Payment of Fees

Payment of fees is the final step in the registration process. Payment in full - including fees for registration, student services, special course materials, encumbrances, late charges, and charges from a previous semester - is required to complete registration. Partial payment could result in a possible late charge. Any payment or partial payment received after the due dates will be credited to your account to use for future registration or miscellaneous charges.

Cancelation of Courses

It is important that students be sure that their courses are canceled through UAccess even if fees are not paid. Failure to cancel your course(s) could result in a grade of 'E' and the need for a student to submit to the grade appeal process, as well as nonrefundable charges.

Although every effort is made to print only the most updated information, the University of Arizona reserves the right to change any and all fees without notice. Application fees shown below are not refundable.
  • In State: $50
  • Out Of State: $80

Tuition and Fees for summer session are available on the Bursar's website, using the tuition calculator link below.

Tuition & Fees Calculator

Three Ways to Pay

Web Pay

  • Log on to UAccess
  • Select finances
  • Select make a payment
  • Enter your information
  • Recheck your account balance to verify your transaction


Bursar's Office
P.O. Box 28820,
Tucson, AZ 85726-8820

In Person

Bursar's Office, University Services Building
888 N. Euclid, Rm 104
Monday - Friday | 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Deadline to pay tuition can be found on the Bursar's website.

Account Statements - Mailed each month as a courtesy and are only accurate as of the day they are printed. If you register for additional classes after Account Statements have been mailed, you will not be mailed another statement prior to the tuition payment deadline. Check UAccess for your current balance. In compliance with the University policy on email, correspondence from the Bursar's Office will be sent to the student's official University "" email account. Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with University-related communications.

Financial Aid Recipients - Check your Financial Aid Status in UAccess to ensure your awards are ready to disburse or for any outstanding requirements. If you have questions about your financial aid awards, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. If you have enough financial aid to cover all your tuition charges, you should see a Financial Aid Notice in the Notices and Holds section in UAccess. This will prevent a late payment charge. If you don't see a Financial Aid Notice and think you should have one, please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. If financial aid does not cover all tuition charges, payment for the difference must be received by the due date to avoid late payment charges. IMPORTANT: Financial aid funds will not arrive in time to cover Presession courses. Go to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website for important information.

Financial Ineligibility [past-due accounts] - Students with past-due debts are considered financially ineligible. University services will be withheld, including, but not limited to: registration, grades, transcripts and diplomas. Until the debt is paid in full, you will also be assessed a monthly Past Due Balance Charge of $2 or 1.5% of the past due balance, whichever is greater. The hold will be lifted after the student's past due balance is paid.

Dishonored Checks - Any returned check will be assessed a $25 non-refundable Returned Check Fee. If it is deemed necessary to refer the account to a collection agency, account holders will be responsible for collection charges and any legal fees. Per ARS 12-671, account holders may be assessed twice the amount of the check or $50.00, whichever is greater, in addition to the $25.00 Service Charge. Payment for a dishonored check must be made by Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash. Cash payments can be made in the Bursar's Office during regular office hours.

Collections - All past due debt may be sent to a collection agency and reported to the credit bureau. Students are responsible for all collection costs and legal fees. Please refer to the Bursar's website for additional information.

You are entitled to a refund if you officially drop course(s) by the specified deadline. Students on waivers and scholarships should be aware that the same deadlines apply.

University policy prohibits refunds on courses that have been issued a grade.

If you feel you are entitled to an appeal, despite the established refund deadlines and policies, you must submit a formal request. Note: submitting a request does not automatically guarantee a refund. Please visit here for more information. 

Students are responsible for being aware of and adhering to deadlines.