Tuition Appeals

By registering for classes, students agree to pay all applicable tuition and registration fees. Students are required to pay all tuition and fees for any registered classes, unless enrollment is officially cancelled during the 100% refund period. Review the Dates and Deadlines Calendar for last day of the refund period for each term. Refunds may be issued outside of the refund period to students who experience medical or extenuating circumstances.


A student's lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of the refund period or financial hardship are not considered to be extenuating circumstances. If a student wishes to request a refund outside of the refund period, they must submit a Tuition Appeal RequestTuition Appeal Requests must be submitted within one year from the last day of class for the term in question.

Things to Know before Submitting a Tuition Appeal Request

  • Classes must be officially dropped or withdrawn prior to submitting a request. Withdrawal status is recognized on the calendar day that the student completes the withdrawal, or requests the withdrawal online through the Complete Withdrawal from Term process.
  • Refunds will not be issued for classes in which an earned grade has been given.
  • Requests submitted for only one class in a term where multiple classes are enrolled are not typically approved.

After a Tuition Appeal Request is Approved

  • Refunded money will first be used to cover any remaining balance on the student's account.
  • Students may be responsible for returning some/all of the financial aid they were awarded based on the Return of Title IV (R2T4) Calculation component of the Withdrawal Policy.


Students who wish to request a tuition appeal for extenuating circumstances must submit a Tuition Appeal Request.

  • All tuition appeals require a written rationale explaining any extenuating circumstances that should be considered by the review committee.
  • Any supporting documentation relevant to the extenuating circumstances must be uploaded through the submission form. If the supporting documentation or rational includes medical reasons, students should refer to Tuition Appeal Request due to Medical Reasons below.

Students who wish to request a tuition appeal for personal medical reasons must submit a Tuition Appeal Request AND submit appropriate documentation to Campus Health. The student's medical documentation will be reviewed by health professionals at Campus Health; based on the review, the student's record may be updated to reflect the approved refund percentage.



  • Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information regarding posted refund deadlines, and the Tuition Appeal process.
  • Visit the Bursar’s Disputing a Charge webpage for information regarding charges not associated with tuition and their Refund Options webpage for receiving refunds for an approved appeal.