Transfer Credit

The Transfer Credit Guide provides information about how courses from other institutions transfer to the University of Arizona. It is intended to be used as an unofficial guide in consultation with an Academic Advisor. Prospective students and applicants, please contact your recruiter with questions. Final transferability decisions are made by The University of Arizona once an official transcript has been received.

The Transfer Credit Guide is not a complete list of all transferable coursework. If a course does not appear in the guide that does not necessarily mean it is not transferable. The guide is continually updated as new courses are reviewed.

The University of Arizona operates on a semester calendar. Credits will transfer with equal units from other semester institutions. Quarter units will be multiplied by 2/3 to equate to semester units.

Transcript Evaluation Process

  • General information and process

Transfer Credit Appeal

  • How to request a Transfer Credit Appeal and FAQs

Transfer Credit Approval

  • Transfer Credit Approval Process

Shared Unique Number System (SUN)

  • UA's Guide to SUN Numbers

Sending College Level Transcripts to UA

  • Information for sending your transcripts to UA

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