Academic Policy Approval

Academic policies that relate to courses, instruction, curriculum, graduation requirements, minors, majors, certificates, degrees, transfer credits, general education, and academic progress must go through the shared governance approval process.  Proposals to create, revise or eliminate an academic policy may be generated by an academic unit, college, committee (e.g., University-wide General Education Committee, University General Petitions Committee, University Academic Advisors Council) or non-academic unit or committee (e.g., Dean of Students, Registrar’s Office, Disability Resource Center). Policy proposals should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for initial review, after which they are routed to the following Faculty Governance bodies for approval:

Academic Approval Process flowchart - refer to description of process below this graphic


  1. Policy proposal is submitted to the Office of the Registrar for review. The Office of the Registrar routes the policy as appropriate to the Undergraduate Council, Graduate Council, or both depending on career level applicability of the proposal.
  2. (Undergraduate) UGC Curriculum and Policies Subcommittee review
  3. (Undergraduate) Undergraduate Council (UGC) review
  4. (Graduate) Graduate College and Graduate Council Chair review
  5. (Undergraduate) Undergraduate Academic Administrators Council (UAAC) review
  6. (Graduate) Graduate Academic Administrators Council (GAAC) review
  7. Faculty Senate Executive Committee review
  8. Faculty Senate review
  9. Implementation of policy

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