Academic Policy Updates

Name of Academic Policy 
Date Issued
Date Effective 
Summary & Supporting Information 
Amendments to Undergraduate Dean's List, Honors & Awards April 2024 Spring 2024 Complete Several updates were made to better reflect the diverse courseloads of the University undergraduate population, and provide meaningful and identifiable recognition for student academic success. 
Amendments to the Undergraduate Use of Multiple Courses and the Undergraduate Certificate Policies March 2024 Spring 2024 Complete Several updates clarify existing policy language and remove restrictive language, allowing the updated policy to be inclusive of courses worth more than 3 units of credit and permitting the multiple use of course credit instead of limiting the use to two applications.
Amendments to the Enrollment Policy December 2023 January 2024 Complete New undergraduate first-year and transfer students can be considered full time at 6 units with approval by the Office of the Registrar for their first summer term. Additional information can be found on the Newly Admitted Student Registration Information page. Graduate students seeking to apply for Advanced Status can find more information on the Graduate Student Application for Advances Status 
Amendment to the Grades and Grading System Policy November 2023 November 2023 Complete Several substantive changes and minor clarifications to the existing policy to include removing the 18-unit withdrawal maximum and eligibility restrictions on using Pass/Fail option  for undergraduates, creation of a MG (missing grade) notation for a student transcript, and new documentation for issuing an incomplete grade. 
Amendments to the General Education Attributes and General Education Curriculum Policy  November 2023 November 2023 Complete The date of implementation has been updated for including the general education attribute requirements of Exploring Perspectives and Building Connections to students matriculating in Fall 2026 and after. 
Amendments to the Credit for Prior Learning Policy  November 2023 November 2023 Complete An exception has been added to the policy that students may receive up to 30 units of credit for prior learning if they are enrolled in a program that requires government-approved licensure as a prerequisite to admission.
Amendment to the Grade Appeal Policy  May 2023 May 2023 Complete The updates streamline the process and outline the timeline for students and faculty.
Amendment to the Audit Policy  March 2023 Fall 2023 Complete The updated policy simplifies the language in the Audit Policy and streamlines the conditions under which a student may audit a course.
Amendments to the Undergraduate Leaves of Absence policy and Military Excused Absence policy January 2023 Spring 2023 Complete Extends protections regarding course withdrawal/refund and excused absence options to students who are active-duty military members, as well as spouses, domestic partners, and/or dependents of active-duty military members. 
Amendments to Repeating a Course and Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) Policies November 2022 Spring 2023 Complete Eliminates the cap that limits a student’s access to GRO once they’ve earned more than 60 units. Combines the separate policies on Repeating a Course and Grade Replacement Opportunity.
Amendment to Choice of Catalog Memo June 2022 June 2022 Complete Clarification of policy language that students maintaining continuous enrollment follow the requirements outlined by the Catalog in effect during their term of admission.
Posthumous Degree and Posthumous Certificate of Achievement Policy  June 2022 Fall 2021 Complete Outlines the criteria and procedure for requesting a posthumous degree or certification of achievement.
Amendments to Change of Schedule & Class Attendance & Participation Policies  June 2022 June 2022 Complete Codifies the modified classroom attendance policies originally introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For memos announcing updates prior to June 2021, please see the Advising Resource Center's Policy and Procedure Updates