Preparing a General Petition

When filling out the General Petition form

Current contact information is essential. Please print or write legibly. All correspondence to the student is done via email. 

If you wish to file a General Petition for Extenuating Circumstances for medical reasons the petition process is now available on UAccess Student Center. 

To complete the General Petition form, follow these steps:

Undergraduate students may petition the University General Petitions Committee for relief if they believe they deserve redress or exception to University rules, regulations or policies regarding academic affairs.

Choose from the options listed on the form.

You must attach a clear and concise explanation of your request and your reasons why the Committee should grant you an exception to policy. Generally, the Committee is looking for the following information:  

For a complete retroactive withdrawal from a term (for non-medical reasons)

Your statement should explain: 

  • Why you stopped attending before the semester ended. 
  • Why you did not follow the procedure for dropping the course. 
  • If you attempted to drop past the deadline and your request was denied by your college, why you feel the Committee should now approve your request. 
  • Note: If you completed all the coursework and took the final exams in your classes, the Committee considers that the grades you earned reflect your ability in the courses at the time you took them and so should remain on your record. 

For a complete retroactive medical withdrawal from a term

Your personal statement should describe the nature of your mental or physical illness, injury or disability, the duration of the condition, and the challenges that you faced in completing your coursework.  Personal statement must be uploaded online at the time of petition submission on Student Center.

For retroactive registration for a course taken but not registered for 

If you wish to have a course retroactively added to a past semester, your statement should explain: 

  • Why you did not follow procedure to register for the course. 
  • The procedure you did follow to add the course if you believe the course should still be on your schedule. 
  • Include a letter of support from Instructor or Academic Advisor, verifying the student completed course requirements.

For extension of an incomplete grade that has turned to an E

Your statement should explain why you were not able to complete the coursework in the given time. The Office of the Registrar will seek approval from the class instructor once the petition is submitted. 

For waiver of other University Policy

Your statement should briefly state the policy you wish to have waived and why you could not follow this policy or procedure. 

Additional Documents

Include any additional documents which may support your request. Supporting documentation (medical or otherwise) is a very important part of the process but it does not guarantee approval. Lack of information or incomplete information can delay the processing and may be cause for denial of the request. 

For a complete retroactive medical withdrawal, documentation must include a letter from your licensed health care provider on letterhead which includes: 

  • The approximate date of onset of the mental or physical illness or injury or disability giving rise to the circumstances surrounding the request for a complete retroactive withdrawal for extenuating circumstances, and the dates through which such condition(s) continued. 
  • The general nature of the mental or physical illness or injury or disability and how and why it warrants the action sought. 

Student and Dean's signatures are required. Once you sign your petition, submit the completed petition for Dean's signature.

  • General Petition: Turn in or email to the Office of the Dean of your own college or academic unit. 
  • General Petition for Extenuating Circumstances - Medical: Online process, login to UAcess Student Center. Contact Registration and Transcripts for assistance at 520-621-3113
  • General Petition for Extenuating Circumstances - Sexual Harassment or Discrimination (Title IX). Contact Title IX Office, Old Main Room 200, Tucson, AZ, 85721-0021 - Phone: 520-621-7286