University General Petitions


What is a University General Petition? 

Undergraduate students who believe they deserve redress or exception to University rules, regulations, or policies regarding academic affairs may petition the University General Petitions Committee.  Before filing a petition, students should discuss the request with their academic advisor.

The University of Arizona General Catalog is the source document for University academic policies that may be addressed in the petition process. The policy pertaining to retroactive withdrawal is in the General Catalog under Withdrawal from the University. 

Types of General Petitions

  • The three types of University General Petitions

Obtaining a General Petition

  • How to obtain a General Petition

Preparing a General Petition

  • How to prepare and complete a General Petition

General Petition Routing Process

  • View each step in the General Petition routing process

Key Participants

  • Individuals and their roles in the General Petition process

University General Petitions FAQs

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