Change of Schedule

Information regarding registration and/or changes using a Change of Schedule (Drop/Add) process is provided below. Typically, most changes can be made through UAccess Student Center until a specified date.  The change of schedule process is for exceptions and those enrollment requests that need approval of an instructor and/or College or academic unit. To identify when a Change of Schedule and/or a Late Change Petition are necessary, please see the Dates and Deadlines calendar. 

The Change of Schedule Request can be accessed online.

You can also utilize the Change of Schedule Request PDF and Video tutorial to help you navigate the system.


Late Change Petitions for Single Course Drops are also available to students.

Note:  Some departments have elected not to use the online Change of Schedule form for adding classes and prefer to enroll students departmentally.  If your class selection is not available for enrollment in the online Change of Schedule form, please contact the department offering the class for enrollment assistance.

Spring 2022

You can use the Drop, Swap and Edit Classes Video Tutorial to help you get started.

Students attempting to drop or withdraw from classes for Spring 2022 should use their UAccess Student Center. 

Information for Instructors

All change of schedule requests require instructor review. When a student submits a change of schedule request, an email is sent to the class instructor's university email account. The class instructor needs to support or deny the request. 

PDF Tutorial for Instructor Review on Change of Schedule Request

Note: If an instructor is incorrectly assigned to a Change of Cchedule Request, please contact 24/7 IT Support.

To confirm that a Change of Schedule Request you approved has been processed, please view your class roster (instructions for how to view roster).

Information for Academic Departments

Administrative Change of Schedule requests should be used when a department cannot complete enrollment for a class or when an enrollment error is made by a department. 

Note: Departments are not able to override the following and the online Change of Schedule should be used:

  • Multiple enrollments in the same course for summer
  • Time conflicts
  • Service Indicators

The Office of the Registrar will not approve the following:

  • Requests to override enrollment capacity for In-Person or Flex In-Person classes


Please contact with any questions or concerns.  Students are encouraged to consult with your academic advisor as you consider any changes to enrollment status. Contact information for advisors is available at the Advising Resource Center.