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We are here to serve students, faculty, staff, and alumni through registration, record-keeping, course and classroom management, and academic support. Our mission is to support teaching, learning and student development by maintaining the integrity of academic policies and the student information system.


RCS News - February 2024


  • Preparation for the Schedule of Classes to Publish March 1  
  • How the Shopping Cart Fits into the Class Enrollment Process
  • Resolution Weeks Wrap-Up: Thank you!

Scheduling Tip: Importance of Contact Minute Compliance
Classroom Spotlight: The Commons (CMNS) 310
Upcoming Scheduling Dates & Deadlines

Amendments to the Enrollment Policy

Several updates to the Enrollment policy for undergraduate and graduate students clarify existing policy and add provisions that allow appropriate credit units to count toward full-time status in certain circumstances. This updated policy is effective Spring 2024.

Change of Personal Information Form is Now Available as Digital Form on UAccess Student Center

Students needing to update their personal information are now able to make those changes in UAccess Student Center. Previously, this process was managed with an electronic, fillable PDF form. Students can now make changes to their primary name, date of birth, and social security number (or ITIN) through their UAccess Student Center by selecting Forms in the Quick Links section on the dashboard. More information and help guides are available on the Change of Personal Information webpage.  

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