Types of Addresses and How to Change Your Address

There are several different categories for addresses you can update in UAccess Student Center. 

  • Permanent: This is where the student can be reached during summers and if other addresses are absent or invalid. By default, all Financial Aid correspondence during summer and all diplomas are sent to this address if no alternative addresses are provided. 
  • Mailing: General mail and contact address. Used for Bursar's Office checks, including Financial Aid disbursements mailed during the academic year and Summer Session Financial Aid. Human Resources also uses it for employment checks and warrants. 
  • Billing:  Used by Bursar's Office for bills when other addresses are not provided or are invalid. 
  • Local U.S. Address: Only required for international students; this address can be updated in MyGlobal.
  • Diploma: Address to send diploma to. Only used if this address is different from the Permanent address. 
  • Home: For University of Arizona employees only and is used by Human Resources. 

Change/Update your Address & Telephone number 

  • Via UAccess 
  • By Mail (if not a currently enrolled student)