Proposition 308

Arizona Prop 308 Information for Students

In November 2022, Arizona voted to support Proposition 308, which allows for qualifying, non-citizen Arizona high school graduates to receive in-state tuition at Arizona universities and community colleges. 

To be eligible for in-state tuition, students must meet both of these requirements: 

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The student attended any public or private high school or homeschool equivalent while physically present in Arizona for at least two years.
The student graduated from any public or private high school option or homeschool equivalent in Arizona or obtained a high school equivalency diploma in Arizona, i.e., a GED.

To establish residency through Proposition 308, please complete the Arizona High School Graduate form and submit to the Residency Classification office at If you have additional questions you may schedule an appointment with a member of our Residency Classification team:


Additionally, Proposition 308 allows that qualifying, non-citizens may be eligible to receive state-funded financial aid through grants, scholarships and tuition or fee waiver programs. Current students should contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid


For more information on Arizona Proposition 308, please review the information sheet (in English and Spanish) prepared by the Arizona Board of Regents. 


Proposition 308 replaces Proposition 300. Verification of Lawful Presence, previously required through Proposition 300, is no longer required. 

Residency Classification Office 
Administration Building, Room 210