Application for a High School 150% of Undergrad Resident Tuition Rate

Non-resident students who have earned an Arizona high school diploma or general education diploma may be eligible for an undergraduate tuition rate equivalent to 150% of undergraduate resident tuition.

Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) Policy 

  1. A student who graduated from an Arizona high school, but who is not otherwise eligible for resident tuition status, may be eligible for a non-resident undergraduate tuition rate of 150% of undergraduate resident tuition. If the student has attended high school in Arizona for a minimum of 3 years while physically present in Arizona and graduated from an Arizona high school (or attained the equivalent while physically present in Arizona for a minimum of 3 years). 
  2. The non-resident rate for Arizona high school graduates would apply to tuition for undergraduate students. This rate does not apply to differential tuition or tuition for online, accelerated, or distributed programs.
  3. “High School” is defined as grades 9-12. Completion of the 9th grade while physically present in Arizona, whether at an Arizona middle school or high school or equivalent, will count toward the Arizona high school attendance requirement. The three years of Arizona high school attendance do not need to be consecutive.
  4. A student who meets the requirements of this policy will be eligible for the non-resident undergraduate rate regardless of when the student graduated from an Arizona high school.
  5. The policy is effective beginning with the fall 2015 semester.
  6. The 150% tuition rate cannot be combined with UA Merit Scholarships. 

Procedure to Apply for 150% of the Undergraduate Resident Tuition Rate

  1. Complete and submit the Arizona High School Graduate 150% Tuition Application.
  2. Submit copies of your Arizona high school transcript(s) or Arizona General Education Certificate (unless you already submitted them when you were admitted). If your high school transcripts do not show that you were present in Arizona for at least 3 years, you will need to submit documentation supporting your claim of Arizona domicile during that time period.

Email ( or bring your completed Arizona High School Graduate 150% Tuition application and supporting documents to Administration Building, Main Floor.

Residency Classification Office 
Administration Building, Room 210