Classroom Services FAQs

Student organizations (clubs) should schedule their own events following the approved process and guidelines. Departments should not reserve centrally scheduled rooms for student organizations.

There is no set limit to the number of rooms you may reserve in a week, although it is contingent upon the number of rooms scheduled for classes and other events. However, only one large room (51+ seats) or two small rooms (50 or fewer seats) per week may be reserved free of charge. If you choose to reserve more rooms during a one-week period, the first large room or the first two small rooms will be free of charge and the rest of the rooms will incur a rental fee.

ASUA has a listing of approved clubs and their Presidents on their website. If you don't see your club on that list, or if you have other questions that cannot be answered by that list, you can call ASUA at 520-621-2782.

Depending on how many requests we have received from academic departments and other clubs, the answer can be anything from a few hours to a few days. This is one reason why we require the request to be submitted at least two weeks in advance- at busy times, it can sometimes take a week or more to process your request.

You can let us know in the "Additional Information" box at the bottom of the request that you will need a high tech room. Once you receive confirmation of your reservation, you are responsible for contacting Classroom Technology Services (CTS) at 520-621-3852. They will take care of unlocking the equipment in the room to make it available for your use. CTS may charge for the use of equipment; these fees are not included in any invoice sent by Room and Course Scheduling, and should be paid to CTS.

There are a few possible answers for this question. One reason this might happen is because the room already has a course or an event scheduled for that time. Another possibility is that you asked for a room that was too large or too small for the size of your event. We always look for available rooms that are the right size to hold the number of people you are planning for.

Questions or concerns regarding the information on this page should be directed to Room & Course Scheduling:

Phone: 520-621-3313