Official & Unofficial Transcripts

Official Transcripts – Online Orders

Current students must sign in to UAccess Student Center and order official transcripts. Signature authorization will not be required if name on credit card used for payment matches name on student information page. 

How to order you Official Transcripts in UAccess

Former Students without access to Student Center may order directly from Parchment Transcript Services anytime. All students attending The University of Arizona in 1988 or after may be eligible for Automatic Authorization if the following four rules apply:

  1. SSN or Student ID match information on student record
  2. Date of Birth is a match on record
  3. Name on order (including other last name) matches name on record
  4. Credit Card used for payment on order matches name on student order information page. Parchment will notify student if they will be required to submit a signature authorization release for the order. Please review the Parchment Learner Help Center for additional information. 

If you would like to reset your login password to UAccess Student Center, visit

Status of the transcript may be checked at Parchment on the Transcript Order Follow-Up screen. 

Electronic Transcript Certificate of Authenticity

The University of Arizona, located in Tucson, Arizona has appointed Parchment as the designated agent for processing and sending official electronic transcripts on behalf of The University of Arizona. The PDF transcript that is produced using this service contains the identical information as the printed transcript and can be certified as unaltered by uploading the file to the company’s website that is provided during the delivery process. Parchment has been granted the authority to deliver all such electronic transcript requests on behalf of The University of Arizona and respond to any inquiries regarding the transactions. Parchment Customer Service hours of operations are 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM M-TH and 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday (MST). Please review the Parchment Learner Help Center for additional information. 

Unofficial Transcripts

  • Unofficial transcripts are only accessible for online viewing for students attending after 1988. Students attending prior to 1988 must order an official transcript or stop by our office to purchase an unofficial copy. Unofficial transcripts for pre-1988 students are only available on a walk-in basis. 
  • Click on the following resource guide for directions on how to view your Unofficial Transcript in UAccess. 
  • Below is a quick synopsis of the resource guide.  
    • To view an unofficial transcript, sign in to UAccess Student Center using NetID and password. 
    • At the top level navigation, select Academic Record.  Select "Academic Summary" from the dropdown menu. 
    • Click the "Unofficial Transcript" box. 
    • Select the "University of Arizona" as the Academic Institution and "Unofficial Transcript" from the Information for Students dropdown. 
    • Click "View Report" button. 
    • Click "View All Requested Reports" to view previously generated transcripts

Investigator Transcript Requests

Federal Investigators in need of student records are being directed to the National Student Clearinghouse for degree and education verifications. Third party transcript orders may be placed at Parchment – Transcript Services.

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