Registration Eligibility

Continuing Students 

Continuing students are eligible to register for the upcoming semester if they are currently enrolled in classes or if they officially withdrew from the current term. 

  • If you are an undergraduate, degree-seeking student who previously attended UA but has not been enrolled at UA for one or two consecutive fall or spring semesters, you may be eligible to return through the Back2UA program. Students in Back2UA do not need to submit a new application, but you do need to meet with your Academic Advisor before you may re-enroll. To determine which semester you can return through Back2UA, visit the Back2UA Information page. 
  • Undergraduate students should also review the Academic Eligibility information.

Newly Admitted Students 

First-Year Students 

Students are required to attend an orientation program to ensure a successful start on campus. You will be eligible to register during the orientation program. For further assistance, contact the Office of Orientation at 520-621-5293. 

Undergraduate Transfer Students 

Students must attend an orientation session. You will be eligible to register during the orientation program. Please contact the Orientation Office for more details. 

Non-degree Seeking Undergraduate Students 

Non-degree seeking students must meet with a college/academic advisor to register for courses. 

Prospective Students

Students must apply to the University and be officially admitted before becoming eligible to register. This is true whether you wish to register for credit or audit.


The following students are not eligible for the Back2UA program and must apply for readmission if they want to return to UA: 

  1. Non-degree seeking students 
  2. Students who were on probation or were disqualified when they left the University
  3. Students who have missed three or more consecutive terms

Campus Health Immunization Requirements | ALL STUDENTS 
The University of Arizona requires verification of measles/rubella immunity for all students born after December 31, 1956, before registering for classes. You will not be permitted to register without proof of measles/rubella immunity on file with the Campus Health Service. Immunization records must be obtained from your health care provider indicating dates of one rubella vaccination after December 31, 1979, and two (2) measles vaccinations, at least one of which must have been administered after December 31, 1979.

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