Fall 2020 Information & Updates

Last updated 11/18/2020

This page is to provide updates and information for the Fall 2020 semester from the Office of the Registrar. Please visit the main University COVID-19 website for the most updated official guidance.

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Fall 2020 Withdraw Deadline & Academic Grading (new 11/9/20)

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The Pandemic Academic Coordination workgroup has proposed the following two recommendations, which will become effective immediately for Academic Year 2020-2021.

  • Suspend the ‘W’ Grade Unit Maximum (18 units) policy for Undergraduate students.
    • Grades of W taken in Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2020 and Spring 2021 will be excluded from the 18-unit limit for Undergraduate students.
    • Students who have already reached the 18 unit limit from other terms will be able to W individual classes until the applicable deadline.
  • Extend the Withdrawal deadline for the regular session fall semester to November 25th.

Students are recommended to contact their Academic Advisor or Graduate College contact prior to withdrawing from a class.

The special Pass/Fail and other Academic Grading policy changes made for the Spring 2020 term are no longer in effect.  Beginning with the Summer 2020 term, we returned to our normal Pass/Fail grading policies. 

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Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes Update

The Fall 2020 class schedule has been updated to reflect the class format as selected by each academic unit and faculty member.  Additional updates may be made to individual classes. Students are encouraged to review the information below and to connect with their academic advisor or Graduate College contact.

The information about the On Ramp categorization of classes has been updated in UAccess for all in-person and flex in-person classes. See the overview on how to view class details to identify which on-ramp each class is assigned. 

More information on the On-Ramp

Stage 2, In-Person classes began in-person on campus on Monday October 12

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These are In-Person classes of under 30; if your class is part of the group the following note will appear in the Class Details section of the schedule of classes in UAccess Student Center.


This class began the semester as Live Online and will now transition to In-Person instruction beginning the week of October 12th.

Visit https://covid19.arizona.edu/updates for more updates.

Additional In-Person or Flex In-Person classes with fewer than 50 students may transition to In-Person meetings began October 26th.

The classes selected for this transition will appear via a class note and students will receive communication directly from their instructors. 

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Fall 2020 Class Formats

The Road Back | Class Formats

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Students Parents/Legal Guardians/Others

Tutorials on how to view the schedule and identify class formats

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Tutorial on how to view the schedule and identify class formats in UAccess Guest Center

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The Road Back | Classroom Expectations

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The Road Back | Do Your Part 

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Frequently Asked Questions

All courses will provide options for students who are unable to come to campus due to illness or other temporary circumstances, as well as for graduate students who may need to remain remote for the duration of the semester. Undergraduate students planning to learn remotely online should enroll in Live Online or iCourses but can request a special exemption if needed for degree progress or completion. Exceptions are not guaranteed and may not be possible for some courses.  Students should connect with their academic advisor and review the information below on how to adjust their schedule.

A variety of course formats will be offered for the spring 2021 term.  Students will be able to create a schedule that meets their individual needs. 

You can adjust your selected classes through UAccess Student Center to meet your individual needs.  Please connect with your academic advisor to determine what options will help you continue on your path to graduation.

A few tutorials that could be helpful:

The only options for fully remote or online are Live Online or iCourse formats.  An increasing number of courses are offering a variety of course formats leaving the choice to the student as to which format best meets their needs.

Generally no, a web cam turned on during class is not a requirement. That said, consider simple etiquette practices in the digital learning environment such as muting the microphone when not speaking, evaluate your background and try to find a blank space to sit in front of as opposed to lying on a bed, for example.  If the course is Live Online (synchronous) and you live in a different time zone, you may want to contact the instructor to let them know you are in a different one, especially if the difference in time will be significantly different than when the course is offered.

Some examinations may require the use of a webcam.

Most classes will start in a Live Online modality – please review the class details to see which on-ramp your class is assigned.  Flex In Person courses normally require some level of on-campus engagement.  The level of In-person meetings will vary by course as well as environmental factors. Students should check the D2L course site for guidance from the instructor prior to attending the class in-person.

Classes that will start in-person instruction as part of the first on-ramp have been updated in UAccess as of 8/3/2020.  Click here for an overview on how to view the class details.  Classes that will start Live Online and then transition to in-person or flex-in-person coursework have been updated as of 8/10/2020.

International Students should consult with the International Student Services Office.

Consult with the schedule of classes to determine if the course is available In Person or Flex In Person.

  • Whenever possible and feasible (taking national standards and certifications into consideration) labs are available in the online course formats.  For some labs it is not always possible to maintain standards in the online format or fully meet learning objectives. 
  • Students should work with their advisors to develop alternative scheduling plans if they need to be remote for the entire term.

The Live Online format is a fully online course that is offered in a synchronous format.  In other words, the instructor and students meet at a regularly scheduled time/day using a virtual platform  Flex In-Person, on the other hand, is a hybrid model that involves some in-person (on campus) meetings as well as utilizing virtual platforms and D2L . These are two distinct course formats. A significant number of courses offer both formats leaving the choice to the student as to which format best meets their needs.

Review the course formats overview

The Bursar’s website has a frequently updated FAQ section.

  • In-Person and Flex In-Person classes will finish the in-person meetings by Thanksgiving, with the remainder of the class being held in the Live Online format.
  • The added meeting pattern is for any physical class meetings and is shown in the Meeting Information area of the Class Details on your schedule
  • Independent Study, Practicum, Dissertation, Directed Research, and similar classes do not have a physical location will not have the extra meeting line for Live Online.

Due to the evolving nature of situation, some classes may still have updates prior to the beginning of the semester. Students are encouraged to check their schedule and connect with your advisor again as the start of term draws closer to make sure your schedule continues to align with your needs and preferences.

The  ‘W’ Grade Unit Maximum (18 units) policy has been suspended for the 2020-2021 Academic Year for Undergraduate students.

All other policy adjustments during the Spring 2020 semester were a one-time exception.

  • There will be designated quiet spaces in the libraries. More information is found here.  There will also be tents and other outdoor spaces available for students between classes.
  • Starting October 1st three classrooms will be available from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday for students to study or take Live Online classes. More information is found here.

Additional Resources & Information

To support students who need a place to study or take Live Online classes the following classrooms will be available from 8am - 5pm beginning October 1st.

Students must follow all posted requirements and should review the study space information here.

The Road Back - A Guide for in-person & online courses in Fall 2020

In Person

Students and instructors attend class in person with enhanced health protections, including wearing face coverings and decreasing classroom density. Students must review the class details on UAccess to identify when in-person instruction will begin 

Flex in-Person

Students participate in a mix of in-person and online modes. For example, you may be in a rotating group that alternates between in-person and online meetings following the weekly class schedule. Or you may participate in lectures online and labs in person. The exact mix of in-person and online will be determined by your instructor. Students must review the class details on UAccess to identify when in-person instruction will begin.

Live Online

The instructor and students are online simultaneously, and your instructor provides content in a live online platform.


For the majority of coursework, students and instructors are not required to be online simultaneously, and students complete their work through D2L.

The Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) has created a website for Teaching Models that will provide ideas and resources to support instructors in planning for various teaching modalities for Fall 2020. An Instructor FAQ is on the main re-entry page.

Suggested Syllabus language for the class formats developed by the Teaching & Learning Re-Entry Taskforce

Revised Classroom Occupancy Numbers - as of 9.8.20

Classrooms will not be assigned to any Live Online class section.

Fall 2020 Classroom Overview for Instructors and Staff

Resources were shared by representatives of the University Classroom Committee: Classroom Technology Services, Room & Course Scheduling, Disability Resource Center, Collaborative Learning Spaces, Office of Instruction & Assessment, and Facilities Management.

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