Event Policies

Event Reservation Regulations

In order to reserve a Centrally/Departmentally Scheduled Room for an event, please ensure you follow the regulations below. 

  1. The event is sponsored by a UA Staff/Faculty, ASUA Student Organization, or Insured Off-Campus Organization. 
  2. The event sponsor and organization have read the University of Arizona's Office of Registrar's Policy and Regulations Governing the Use of Centrally Scheduled Classroom (download)  and agrees to abide by them. 
  3. The event fills at least a 70% capacity of the room requested. Exceptions may be granted if a specific room is needed with an appropriate justification. i.e. The event is requesting a room with a stage for a performance, etc. 

Scheduling Tools:

All events in Centrally Scheduled Classrooms must follow the University face covering guidelines.  If your group is found to be non-compliant you may lose your room access privileges.