Parent Information

Parental Rights

At the postsecondary education level, parents have no inherent rights to access or inspect their child’s education records. Records, including progress, deficiencies, and grades may be released to parents only if they have been given a written release by the student or if the child is considered a dependent for tax purposes and a Parental Affidavit has been filed in the Registrar’s Office. The Parental Affidavit is available on our FERPA Forms page.

Students have the ability to grant “Guest Account” access to their University of Arizona UAccess accounts. The Guest Account can be utilized by student authorized individuals to view select student information, potentially including course schedules, financial aid disbursements, final course grades, and also provides the ability for guests to pay student tuition bills. For more information please visit Information Techonology - UAccess Student Guest Manager.

Student judicial records, containing information surrounding suspected violations of the Student Code of Conduct, are protected by FERPA. The Dean of Student’s office will only release information contained in University judicial records under the following conditions:

  • Violations involving students under the age of 21 relating to possessing and/or consuming alcohol and/or drugs
  • Serious health and safety concerns
  • Students have signed a FERPA release with the Dean of Students Office.

General questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to the Office of the Registrar at