Annual Curriculum Update

The UA General Catalog is the University's primary, comprehensive single source of departmental, college and university-wide information related to academic programs. Courses, degree programs, and policies that govern progress towards completion of a degree are described in the UA General Catalog. The Annual Curriculum Update is the process by which academic units make small adjustments to the courses required for undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates, as well as program descriptions and sample 4-year plans for undergraduate majors.

The Annual Curriculum Update is submitted each year for each academic plan, even if no changes are being made. Faculty and support staff (i.e. advisors, program coordinators, etc.) should discuss any proposed changes to ensure students’ needs and programmatic learning outcomes are primary considerations. Academic units are encouraged to allow time to go through all internal approval processes within their unit along with any college curriculum committees or processes.

All officially approved degree requirements for a student to graduate must be listed in the UA General Catalog under the appropriate sections. Information about degree requirements found on department/college websites, Degree Search, major checklists, etc., must match degree requirements listed in the UA General Catalog, as required by the Higher Learning Commission, our regional accreditor.

Students are responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of the catalog they are following and are strongly encouraged to read the UA's student responsibility policy.

Annual Curriculum Update includes

  • Academic Advisement Report (AAR/ADVIP)
  • Retroactive changes for AAR/ADVIP
  • Updates to content in Degree Search including 4-year plans, plan descriptions, and published learning outcomes. 

Dates and Deadlines

Annual Curriculum Updates must be submitted in UAccess by Friday, October 29, 2021. Submissions received after the established deadline may not be processed for the requested catalog year.

New Course Add forms that reach final processing after the first effective term start date will be moved to the next available term. See the Curricular Affairs website for more information.

Please review the Undergraduate Proposal Approval Table for deadlines for significant changes and other proposals requiring additional approvals.

Training and Support

Access to the UA Curriculum Update module in UAccess Student may be requested through the Access Provisioning Tool, and requires training. Set up a training appointment with Jade DeMoulin.

Drop-in support sessions via Microsoft Teams can be scheduled October 4 – October 29, 2021, between 2:00-5:00 Monday through Thursday, and 2:00-4:00 Fridays. The appointment scheduling link will be distributed on October 1, 2021. For questions, contact Jade DeMoulin – Academic Records Coordinator, Academic Catalog & Policy.


Substantial Changes

Requests requiring additional approval (including substantial changes to an academic program) should be submitted directly to Curricular Affairs.  Curricular Affairs staff will route proposals through required committees and keep proposers updated regarding approval.

Departments should submit either a Substantial Change Request or an Annual Curriculum Update for each plan, but not both for the same catalog year.

Undergraduate Proposal Approval Table 

Types of Changes

Updates to advisement reports – including degree requirements, Program Descriptions and Learning Outcomes,– are submitted through UA Curriculum Update module in UAccess. Updates to Degree Search 4-year Sample Plans are also submitted through this module. Training with ACP staff is required to access this module.

ACP staff will review AAR/ADVIP updates in the order received and submit approvals to the appropriate UITS staff. Once updates have been completed, departments will receive email notification and will have 1 week from the notification to verify the information is correct. If no approval is received by the end of that 1-week period, the information is considered correct, approved, and is uploaded to the UA General Catalog. Departments are required to check the catalog for accuracy once AAR/ADVIP updates have been uploaded.

If a department is requesting updates to a previous catalog and those changes would be considered acceptable:

1. Add acceptable retroactive change request(s) as part of AAR/ADVIP updates through the UAccess Curriculum Update module, utilizing the “Backdate” functionality to specify which catalog years should be retroactively updated. OR

2. Contact ACP if retroactive changes are needed after annual AAR/ADVIP update process is complete.

Departments and colleges should not request changes to previous catalog years unless it is to the benefit of the student. Consider the following examples:

Acceptable Retroactive Changes – department has created new courses which may be considered as options for already-existing requirements in the major/minor/certificate. In this case, a change to previous catalogs may be permitted as students will have expanded opportunities to fulfill existing requirements.

Unacceptable Retroactive Changes – department wishes to increase the number of required courses in a major. This retroactive change would not be permitted, as this would adversely impact students by requiring additional coursework that was not required when the student began the program. Additional examples of items which may not be retroactively changed for previous catalogs: increasing major GPA, adding new requirements, and removing course options from existing requirements.

Approved retroactive change requests will be processed as time permits. Updates to the upcoming catalog will take precedence over changes to previous catalogs.

Department-approved representatives will be sent pre-schedule information from Office of Admissions and UITS. Updates to pre-schedules must be submitted to

Please note that departments are not permitted to list specific Tier 1 courses on their pre-scheduling rank order. In other words, departments are permitted to list INDV 150, but they may not list PSY 150A1 on their pre-scheduling requests.

Courses are created and modified in the Course Catalog through the separate Course Management process in UAccess Student. Deadlines to submit course additions/modifications through this process are found on the Curricular Affairs website. A new Academic Advisement Report and Degree Search plan cannot be completed until all required and elective coursework has been fully approved and entered in the course catalog. 

Questions or concerns regarding the information on this page should be sent to Academic Catalog & Policy: