Final Exam Regulations and Information

No classes or laboratories will be held after the last day of classes.

All courses offered for credit shall include a final examination given during the published examination period or a summative assessment (e.g., portfolios, essays, project reports).

It is Faculty Senate policy that all forms of exams (quizzes, take homes, etc.) are prohibited on any scheduled class or reading day during the calendar week in which regularly scheduled final exams begin. Specific exceptions for certain courses may be given by obtaining approval from the appropriate academic unit head and academic dean. Students shall be informed of any such exceptions prior to the end of the fourth week of classes, as published in the University General Catalog.

Exams for classes starting after the hour will be held according to the schedule for that hour. Example: classes starting at 2:15 will hold the exam at the same time as the 2:00 classes.

In courses where the exam is given according to the class meeting time, the lecture hours only are considered in determining the exam period, unless the course is a laboratory only with no lecture. The exam will be given in the same room in which the lecture has been held, unless otherwise informed.

Certain courses will have Common Final Exams. Common Final Exams can be scheduled only in courses that have four or more class section or more than 200 students. Rooms for these course finals will be announced by the instructor prior to the final exam period.

A student having two or more exams scheduled for the same time period will take the exam in the course with the largest total enrollment. The student must then arrange with the instructor of the other course to schedule a make-up exam at the earliest possible time during the final exam period.

A student having four or more exams scheduled for one day may, upon prior notice to the instructors concerned, arrange to take the fourth and fifth, etc., exams on some other day during the exam period. The student must report to the Office of the Registrar, Registration and Transcripts, Administration 210, no later than fourteen calendar days before the end of classes to obtain an authorization form for the rescheduling. The exams to be rescheduled are those in courses having the lowest enrollment(s).

Candidates for graduation who have a final examination scheduled during their college commencement recognition ceremony shall be given the option of rescheduling that exam. Faculty may verify the date and time of college commencement ceremonies on the UA Commencement Ceremony website.

As Confirmed by the Faculty Senate: No deviation from the exam schedule, once it is published, is authorized.