Withdrawal From The University

A withdrawal from the University is defined as leaving the University by dropping all classes after having paid registration fees.

Non-Attendance: If you are registered for classes and, prior to the beginning of the semester, you decide not to attend school, use UAccess Student to drop all your classes and avoid unexpected registration and tuition charges. This action is considered non-attendance.

  • If this was to be your first semester at the University, you must complete a new admission application if you decide to attend at a later time.
  • If this is not your first semester, you are strongly advised to contact your college Dean's office for information about the Leave of Absence Policy. Without an approved Leave of Absence, you must complete a readmission application upon deciding to return to the University.
  • For readmission, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office (520) 621-3237.
  • You are strongly encouraged to notify Financial Aid, Residence Life, and Campus Health of your decision not to attend.

Complete Withdrawal:  Please refer to full information at Complete Withdrawal for the Term.