Residency Forms

Listed below are commonly used forms for residency classification purposes. Before submitting your form PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SUBMITTING THE CORRECT FORM BY READING ALL OF THE DESCRIPTION below each link. If you have any questions call the Residency Classification Office at 520-621-3636.



Domicile Affidavit


Fill this form out if you are either:

Ø  a new student applying for admission to the university for the FIRST TIME 


Ø  a student returning after an absence of one or more regular semesters


Military Exception


Ø  if stationed in Arizona, submit Military Stationed in Arizona Exception Form with a copy of your OFFICIAL orders

Ø  if stationed in another state but claiming AZ as your home state, submit the Domicile Affidavit  and provide us with a copy of most recent LES form and LES from 12 months ago along with a copy of the military form DD-2058 which verifies your state of legal residence AND evidence of having filed an Arizona Resident Income Tax Return with the Arizona Department of Revenue for the prior tax year on all income from all sources, if applicable

Ø  if you are an Honorably Discharged Veteran, submit the Honorably Discharged Veteran Residency Classification Exception form, a copy of your DD-214 Member 4 or Service 2 showing Honorable Discharge, Arizona voter registration and a copy of one of the following:

o     Arizona driver’s license

o    Arizona vehicle registration

o    Employment history in Arizona

o    Transfer of major banking services to Arizona

o    Change of permanent address on all pertinent records

o    Other materials of whatever kind or source relevant to domicile or residency status


Dependent Exception


If a student can demonstrate ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS they may be eligible for an Arizona residency classification for tuition purposes without meeting the one-year durational requirement:

Ø  the student is domiciled in Arizona AND,

Ø  one or both parent(s) are domiciled in Arizona AND,

Ø  the student’s parent(s) are entitled to claim the student as a dependent for Federal and State tax purposes (whether or not the parent actually claimed the student as a dependent child)


Petition to Change Residency Classification


Used by CONTINUING STUDENTS (must have been enrolled in previous semester to petition) to apply for resident status. Residency office is only permitted to accept petitions during the petition period as listed below:

Spring 2015         November 3, 2014 - January 22, 2015

Fall 2015             June 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015

            Spring 2016       November 2, 2015 - January 21, 2016


Arizona High School Gradute

Submit this form if you are a non-resident undergraduate student who has gradutated form an Arizona high school or has earned a GED in the state of Arizona. This is not a form to change your residency classification to a resident for tuition purposes. This is an application for a special tuition rate of 150% of undergraduate tuition. 

Transferred Employee Exception

Submit this form if you are an employee that has been transferred to Arizona by your company and will be attending the University of Arizona within 1 year of being moved or you are a spouse of an employee that has been transferred to Arizona and will be attending the University of Arizona within 1 year. Transfer means: an individual who was transferred by his or her employer fewer than 12 months prior to the term in question, is NOT self-employed or employed in a family-owned business not previously operating in Arizona, and can provide proof of payment or reimbursement of moving expenses by his or her employer.

Native American Exception


Submit this form if you are an enrolled member of a federally recognized Arizona tribe. Attach a copy of your Certification of Indian Blood or Tribal Identification Card from the Arizona tribe.


Teacher on Contract

Submit this form if you are an employee of a public school district in Arizona and you are under contract to teach on a full-time basis, or employed as a full-time noncertified classroom aide. This exception only covers courses necessary to complete the requirements for certification by the State Board of Education to teach in a public school district in the this state.  

AZ Resident Spouse Exception

Submit this form if you have married an Arizona resident. You may become eligible for residency as long as you were married before the first day of classes and your spouse can meet residency guidelines.




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