UA Procedures for Establishing Residency Status

In general, Arizona domicile occurs when a financially independent person has been physically present in Arizona for at least a year with the clear and convincing intention of making Arizona their permanent home BEYOND THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF BEING A STUDENT.


The general rule is that in order to obtain resident status for tuition purposes, a student must

1.     Demonstrate US citizenship or Permanent Residency.

2.     Establish their legal domicile in Arizona for at least one year immediately preceding the last day of registration for the semester for which the student proposes to attend the University.


Objective evidence of financial independence. Indicators of financial independence include:

       1.    Place of employment and proof of earnings

       2.    Other sources of support

       3.    Proof of filing an Arizona state income tax return

       4.    Residence claimed on federal income tax returns of applicant and/or parents 

       5.    Veteran status

       6.    Whether claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes by a parent or any other individual for two years immediately preceding the request for residency classification.    


A student will generally be considered financially independent if he or she:

1.     Is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, OR

2.     Was not claimed as an income tax deduction by his or her parents or any other individual for the two years immediately preceding the request for residency classification, and has demonstrated objective evidence of self-support for the two tax years immediately preceding the request for residency classification.


Please note that the Arizona Board of Regents Policy states:

1.     That the domicile of a minor is that of the minor’s mother, father or a legal guardian provided there is no evidence indicating that the guardianship was created primarily for the purpose of conferring the classification of resident on the individual.

2.     That all evidence presented in support of in-state residency be weighted under the presumption that a non-resident student’s presence in Arizona is primarily for the purpose of education and not to establish domicile. Decisions regarding residency are to presume, barring clear evidence to the contrary, that no emancipated person has established a domicile in this state while attending any educational institution in this state as a full-time student.


For more detailed information, please refer to the Arizona Board of Regents' Policy Manual - Residency Classification.





NEW STUDENTS (Students newly admitted to the university or returning after one or more semesters)


To begin the residency classification process a student must complete some very important steps:

1.     Most students satisfy the requirements of the Proposition 300 (Verification of Lawful Presence) via their FAFSA. When this is not the case, the student must provide documentation. A list of acceptable documentations can be found on the Proposition 300 website.


2.     Each student is responsible for obtaining tuition classification prior to registration and fee payment. The student must complete the Statement of Residency Classification (SORC) found in their Next Steps.


3.     If you feel you are misclassified by the SORC, you can complete a paper Domicile Affidavit form and submit it to the Residency Classification Office for further review.  You will be notified of the decision by email to your official UA email account. 


4.     A student who believes that he or she was incorrectly classified as a non-resident by a Residency Classification Officer based on the Domicile Affidavit and supporting documents may request an appeal with the Residency Review Committee no later than 35 days from the last day of regular registration. The deadline date to request an appeal for Spring 2015 term is February 26, 2015, the appeal form must be in our office no later than 5:00 pm. The signed request will include the student's current mailing address, the reasons why the individual is challenging the classification determination and a signed statement setting forth all the facts in support of the individual's claim that the classification determination is erroneous.  Failure to file a request for appeal within the time prescribed shall constitute a waiver of the right to request an appeal.



CONTINUING STUDENTS (Student was enrolled the semester immediately preceding the semester applying for resident status)


1.     A continuing student desiring a consideration of a change in residency classification must complete the Petition to Change Residency, including all requested supporting documentation necessary to provide a basis for resident classification prior to the posted deadline for each semester listed on the Residency Forms page.  (see section III, paragraph D, of the ABOR Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes).


2.     Appealing a Decision: Upon appeal, the Residency Review Committee is responsible to render a decision in accordance with Arizona State Statutes and Board of Regents Policy. The student may be represented at the hearing by an advisor at the student's expense.


3.     Written notice of the final decision of the Residency Review Committee shall be sent to the student at his or her current address filed with the University. If the student is found to have been incorrectly classified as a non-resident, the University will refund the tuition collected as a non-resident. If the Residency Review Committee determines that the student remain as a non-resident, the notice will advise the student that no further University procedures are available and the time to take any legal action may be short.