Grading Policy Manual: University Academic Grading Policies -- Withdrawal Grades

Dropping One Or More Courses (But Not All Courses): 

1) A class dropped before the first day of class will be deleted from the UAccess academic record.

2) A class dropped through the fourth week of class (the last day students may drop a class in UAccess Student) will remain on the UAccess academic record with a status of dropped, but it will not appear on the transcript.

3) Beginning the day following the deadline to drop classes using UAccess Student and through the last official day to drop classes in the term, students who withdraw from classes must have instructor signatures, and a penalty grade of "E" or "W" will be recorded on the transcript. The instructor may award the student a "W" grade if the student is passing, or an "E" grade if the student is failing at the time of withdrawal.

After the last official day to drop courses, the grade of "W" can be awarded only with the dean's approval, and only under exceptional circumstances.

See the current General Catalog for the entire, detailed policy.

Complete Withdrawal From The University: Students who formally withdraw from all courses after the last official day to drop classes using UAccess Student will be automatically assigned a grade of "WP" (Withdrawal Passing) for each class. This process does not change any grades assigned prior to the Complete Withdrawal. The "WP" grade is listed on the instructor's Class Roster within UAccess.

At the end of the term the instructor will have the right to change a "WP" grade to a "WF" grade (Withdrawal Failing, no GPA value). To change a grade from "WP" to "WF," the instructor must notify the Registrar's Office.

NOTE: Complete withdrawal may not be initiated after the last day of classes of any term and must be completed before the beginning of the final examination period.