Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO)

Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) offers students the ability to replace grades of C, D, and E by repeating the course.  Only the grade from the repeat attempt will be used to calculate the grade point average. For details, see the undergraduate GRO policy in the catalog.  A separate policy exists for Law students; see the Law College dean's office for details.

Graduate, Medicine, and Pharmacy students are not eligible for GRO.


GRO Request

GRO requests for regular dated classes may be submitted online during filing periods. Please see GRO Filing Deadlines.

Dynamically dated, 7W1 and 7W2 classes have their own GRO filing deadlines. See Dates and Deadlines Calendar.


Steps for filing GRO Request for Regular Dated Classes

  1. Read the complete GRO policy in the catalog.
  2. Register for the repeat course.
  3. Complete the online GRO Request. For both the original course and the repeat attempt, you will need to provide the following information on the form.
  • Department
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Semester & year course was originally taken

(For courses taken within the last 10 years, you can find this information in UAccess Student. The Office of the Registrar can provide information for courses taken more than 10 years ago.)

Steps for filing GRO Request for Dynamically Dated Classes


  1. Visit the Office and Registration and Transcripts in the Administration Building, Room 210, during the course filing period (Dates and Deadlines).
  2. Your eligibility for GRO will be determined by a staff member. 
  3. If eligible, you will be asked to complete a GRO request. 


Examples of why GRO requests will not be processed

  • You have already attempted 60 units at the University of Arizona.
  • The original course is still graded as Incomplete ("I").
  • The repeat course is not equivalent to the original course (e.g. titles and/or subtitles must match).
  • You have already completed the maximum of three courses under the GRO option.
  • You have exceeded the maximum of 10 semester hours allowed under the GRO option.
  • You have already received a bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona, thus, are ineligible for the GRO option.
  • The course was already repeated under GRO in a previous semester.

Separate policies exist for Law students. The dean of Law College can provide examples of why GRO request will not be processed.

Recalculation of cumulative GPA as result of GRO

As a result of GRO, a student's cumulative GPA is typically recalculated at the end of each terms' grade processing - this is when final grades are available.

See the Dates & Deadlines page for more information on when final grades are available for each term.