Undergraduate Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I send my transcripts from my previous school?

A: If you have already begun the graduation process, you should send your transcripts to your Graduation Services Advisor. If you are currently enrolled, but have not yet started the graduation process, send your transcripts to:

Registration & Transcripts
The University of Arizona
Administration Building, Room 210
PO Box 210066
Tucson, AZ 85721-0066

If service is available, transcripts can be sent electronically, via secure third-party vendors such as eScrip-Safe, Credentials Solutions, etc., to the following email:  REG-transcripts@email.arizona.edu

Q: I am taking my final course at another school. How long do I have to get my transcript in and still graduate on time?

A: It is recommended that you submit your transcript as soon as possible, preferably within one month of your graduation date. Your degree can not be awarded until your transcript from the other school is received.

Q: If I take a Winter Session course, can I still graduate in the December class?

A: No, not if the course is required for your degree. All requirements for a December graduation must be completed by the day before the graduation date.  There is a Winter conferral of degrees each January for students who complete their course work during Winter Session.

Q: If I take a Summer Session course, can I still graduate in the May class?

A: No, not if the course is required for your degree. All requirements for a May graduation must be completed by the day before the graduation date.

Q: If I take a Summer Session course and plan to graduate in August, will my name be in the May commencement booklet?

A: August degree candidate names will be included in the May commencement booklet. August candidates who do not apply for graduation by the deadline to have their name appear in the May booklet will not be placed in the booklet. Check with your Graduation Services Advisor for further information.

Q: If I am graduating in August, may I walk in the May ceremony?

A: Yes, commencement instructions are available online at the U of A Commencement website.

Q: I want to be sure that the course I take at a different school will be accepted at the U of A. How can I be certain of this?

A: If you plan to take a course at an Arizona Community College, you should refer to the Course Equivalency Guide, which is part of a statewide collaboration called AZTransfer, to ensure that the courses will apply appropriately to your degree program. Community college courses listed in AZTransfer with direct UA equivalencies do not need preapproval to transfer to the UA. If you are taking the course at an Arizona four-year school or an out-of-state school, please visit Transfer Credit Preapproval for more information and instructions.

Q: May I postpone the awarding of my degree even though all of my requirements are complete?

A: No. Please see the postponement of degree policy.

Q: Can I take an incomplete in a course during my final semester?

A: Taking an incomplete in a course in your final semester means that you did not finish all requirements in time for your degree date.

Q: The GPA in my degree statement is different from the cumulative GPA on my transcript. Why is that?

A: This situation occurs if you complete courses after your degree has been posted. Your degree is posted as of a fixed date and is not changed. If you take further coursework which changes your cumulative GPA, your degree GPA will not be changed. The only exception is when a professor sends in a change of grade indicating there was a miscalculation resulting in the wrong grade being awarded (in a course completed before your degree was awarded). In this case, the degree GPA will be changed to reflect the corrected grade.

Q: My degree was posted last year, but now I have completed 20 more units of Spanish coursework. Can I have a Spanish minor retroactively added to my degree?

A: No. Degrees are awarded as of a fixed date. Majors or minors may not be retroactively added to them.