Compliance Manual Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA): Appendix I.2


Administrative and Student/Academic Services Offices

The administrative and student/academic services offices maintaining education records are listed below:

A. Office of Admissions and New Student Enrollment
Director, (520) 621-3705

The Admissions Office receives and establishes files containing admissions credentials for new freshmen, transfer and non-degree applicants and readmitted undergraduate students.

B. Bursar's Office
Bursar, (520) 621-3232

The Bursar's Office maintains financial records relating to students' and parents' payments for a semester's billing (tuition, fees, room, board, miscellaneous charges), data on third party billings/agencies, receipt and disbursement information related to student loans, and the application for and issuance of refunds.

C. Career Services
Director, (520) 621-6734

This office maintains records relating to the personal and career counseling, testing, tutoring, and programs provided; and career planning and placement credentials for individual students.


Office of International Student Programs and Services
Director, (520)621-4627

The office maintains records relating to the request for and issuance of visas and employment permission, housing information, records of language proficiency, scholarship data and limited financial data, and counseling and advising information.


Disability Resource Center
Director, (520) 626-7674

The Center maintains limited records on those students who seek information and services from the Center. These education records may include special needs data, limited medical information, off-campus and out-living information, and on-campus housing information.


Center for Transfer Students
Director, (520) 621-8333

The Center for Transfer Students maintains records on those transfer students who participate in the programs and offerings of the Center. These education records may include information on referrals, advising/mentoring, workshop participation and volunteer activities.


Cultural Resource Centers:

African American Student Affairs
Assistant Dean, (520) 621-3419

Asian Pacific American Student Affairs
Assistant Dean, (520) 621-3481

Chicano/Hispano Student Affairs
Assistant Dean, (520) 621-5627

Native American Student Affairs
Assistant Dean, (520) 621-3835

The Cultural Resource Centers maintain records on those students who participate in the programs and offerings of the Centers. These education records may include information on referrals, participation in academic support services, and cultural and social activities.


Office of the Dean of Students
Dean, (520) 621-7060

The Office of the Dean of Students maintains records pertaining to student grievances and disciplinary actions initiated under The Student Code of Conduct.


Honors College
Director, (520) 621-6901

The Honors College maintains education records for Honors students. These records may include information relating to individual student academic achievement and participation in the offerings of the Honors College.


Intercollegiate Athletics / C.A.T.S. Department
Director, (520) 621-4859

The Athletics Department maintains records on those students who participate in the officially recognized University sports. The department also releases and publishes personally identifiable information on the athletes relative to their participation in the University's athletic programs.


Reserve Officer Training Corps:

Air Force (520) 621-3521
Army (520) 621-1609
Naval/Marine (520) 621-1281

These departments maintain education records for the students admitted to the Reserve Officer Training Corps.


Residence Life
Director, (520) 621-6505

The Department of Residence Life maintains records related to requests for and assignment of The University of Arizona housing, dining plan records, petitions, room condition reports including damage reports, correspondence, and student activities and programming.


S.A.L.T. Center for Learning Disabilities
Director, (520) 621-1427

The Center provides enhanced academic support for students with specific learning disabilities. These services may include consultation with education specialists, tutoring, learning aid, and special technology. Records maintained include applications for service and documentation of disability.


Student Financial Aid
Director, (520) 621-5200

The Office of Student Financial Aid maintains records relating to the application for financial assistance, including need and merit analysis, and parent and student income data and personal data, records relating to the denial or awarding of financial assistance, academic progress and registration data and records, and letters of recommendation and correspondence.


Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
Director, (520) 621-8046

The Center maintains the names, address, phone numbers, I.D. numbers, and School/College affiliations of the officers of all registered student organizations, of students participating in Center for Student Involvement & Leadership-sponsored/related events, and of students participating in student leadership development program offerings. The Center also maintains names and I.D. numbers of students who participate in off-campus activities, of all students pledging fraternities and sororities, and of all students running for student government.


University Learning Center
Director, (520) 621-4548

The Center maintains education records on those students who participate in the offerings and programs of the Center. The records may include information on admissions credentials, participation in minority student services, and learning assistance provided for individual students.


Office of the Registrar
(520) 621-3432

The Office of the Registrar (University Registrar) maintains and archives the central student file, the academic transcript and grading records. This office also maintains student and parent personal data, resident status, veterans’ affairs data, registration data, academic program and graduation data, and records of disciplinary actions.

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